This Will Destroy You to release brand new album “Another Language”

Post-rockers ‘This Will Destroy You’ managed to conquer the heart and ears of legions of fans throughout the globe thanks to their blend of instrumental, cinematic and dreamy sound.

this will destroy you

This Will Destroy You‘s music has often been compared to the likes of fellow Texas colleagues “Explosions in The Sky”, as well as to some darker atmospheres a la Sigur Ròs. The band is soon to release a brand new album, “Another Language”. You can get a feel for how the record is going to sound like by listening to their brand new songs “Invitation” and “Dustism”, currently available in full streaming via soundcloud.

“Invitation” is driven by a military-like build up with steady and epic drums, while guitar landscapes, keyboards and other layers of melody overlap and create some really wide textures. “Dustism” is a more expansive and atmospheric track with an eclectic song structure bordering with progressive and electronica. Don’t miss the track and stay tuned for the album, to be released on September 16th!

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