This piece of classical music was written by artificial intelligence and inspired by big data

For most people attending an orchestral performance, the thought of big data is probably the last thing on their minds.

Tuileries Garden and Louvre. Image credit: Eric Salard/Wikimedia Commons

However, a project is setting out to show that these seemingly unrelated areas of human activity can meet and produce exciting music.

Symphonologie premiered its results at the Louvre in Paris.

Musician and creative technologist Hannah Davis was involved. She invented a program capable of turning words from articles into music by identifying the density of eight emotions in the text. She used technology to create music from business articles.

The piece was developed into an orchestral work by French composer Matthieu Lamboley, before being sent to Rare Volume, a company which used data to create visuals to accompany the music.

Take a look at the outcome, “The Music of Business.”

More information on the Symphonologie project is available on their website.


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