The Sea Organ in Zadar is the True Expression of the Music of the Sea

How do you picture the music of the sea? Debussy had fashioned a combination of traditional orchestral work and impressionistic harmonies, Sibelius honored the legendary Oceanides by depicting their playful antics and Herbie Hancock’s Maiden Voyage (which opens the eponymous album) has become a jazz standard.

In 2005, Croatian architect Nikola Bašić designed the Sea Organ, a 320-foot long construction that uses the waves of the Adriatic sea to make actual music. Underneath the marble steps of a formerly monotonous stretch of the seafront of Zadar are narrow channels connected to 35 organ pipes, each tuned to a different musical chord. The waves crashing on the steps cause the air to push through the pipes. The air then comes out of the whistle-holes located on the surface-level of the step.

Random sounds do not equal dissonance. Just listen to a sample of the music created by the waves.

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