The evolution of music: was it better in the good old days?

evolution of music
Photo courtesy of Joe Bennet

It always baffles me a little when I hear people referring to electronic music as an actual genre. Sure, there are many genres that were made possible by the sounds, production trends and approach of electronic music, but I personally tend to look at the whole deal behind electronic music more like a way to compose than as an actual music genre.

While a part of me will never deny the love for the good old analog day; the blood on my guitar strings and some worn out drum skins, another part of me can’t help but being truly fascinated about the wonders of the digital age. Electronic music composers can tweak, manipulate and arrange audio in ways that are only limited by one’s imagination. From EDM to glitch or electro-rock, there are many incredible examples of people using electronic music to push the envelope and truly make a difference when it comes to their creative approach.

Some people out there simply complain about the state of things and wish that they could just go back to the “good old days”, but I am rather optimistic. I like these times because I tend to think of the music world as a big library that gets bigger and bigger. Back in the 60s, things were undoubtedly amazing, and that age is fascinating. I wish I were there! On the other hand, I truly enjoy the fact that I can look at my record collection and enjoy a pre-war blues album, as much as I can enjoy a Beatles album or the latest Radiohead record. The library gets more eclectic and interesting, as the catalog expands!


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