Swedish choir performs Christmas classics in style of goats

If you thought you’d heard every possible version of We wish you a merry Christmas you can imagine, try out this performance by a Swedish choir.

Taking inspiration from the long-running Youtube craze of inserting goat noises into famous hit songs, they took it to the next level by singing the Christmas favorite in the style of the farm animal.

The choir managed to get through the performance without losing their self-control due to the hilarity of it all. “At our first rehearsals there was a lot of laughter and it was hard to imagine that we were actually going to perform in front of an audience,” commented choir member Daniella Westmark.

Action Aid Sweden was behind the performance. The Swedish branch of the international charity was trying to make a serious point with the humorous show. The charity wanted to emphasize the important role goats play in helping women become self-sufficient in impoverished countries.

The Action Aid charity works to assist people in poverty or who face discrimination to achieve basic rights. As well as women’s rights, the organisation also focuses on issues related to inequality, food and land rights, and democratic governance.

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