String Quartet Seven)Suns Covers Pantera

Classical takes on more progressive rock styles in this video from string quartet Seven)Suns. Pantera, the multi-platinum recording band is one of the top 20 metal bands of all-time according to Guitar World. They are also the inspiration of this classical group, drawing a duo of songs into one tune. This Love/Domination is a combining of different tracks into one powerful cover song.

This Love is found on the Pantera album Vulgar Display Of Power, about a past relationship from one of the band members. It’s become one of their most favorite songs amongst fans. Domination comes from Cowboys From Hell, the band’s first commercially successful album which turned them from glam metal into groove metal stars.

Seven)Suns is a quartet who takes Metal and Hardcore music and infuses the primal elements in with classical instrumentation. Both styles share many similarities, and the quartet looks to find ways of exploring the commonalities between the two. More insights and covers available at their website.


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