Street Violinist Performs For A Variety Of Onlookers

street violinist bryson andres
Depending on where you live, street performers provide a great attraction for downtown businesses and civic life. For Spokane, this street violinist goes above and beyond with a rousing rendition of the One Republic song, Secrets.

Unlike famed street performer Nathaniel Ayers (of Skid Row and the best-selling book The Soloist, and featured in the film of the same name starring Jamie Fox and Robert Downey, Jr), Bryson Andres has a bit higher-grade instrumentation at his disposal. Equipped with an electric violin, amplifier, and loop pedal (used to create the sound textures and foundation he plays on), this performance garners attention from everyone who is in the vicinity.

Including a few unsuspecting individuals.

Great music attracts the attention of people of all ages. Note the teenage-college age girls who wait together while listening up to the 2 minute mark. Nearly everyone nearby grants him some donation into the violin case. And there is a bit of wildlife who witnesses the performance early on, just before crossing the sidewalk. Did you see it?

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