This Nintendo-Shaped Piano is the Embodiment of All Your Childhood Dreams

It’s Super Mario’s 30th anniversary, and there are countless creative ways to celebrate the leaps and the heroic feats of the Italian plumber that defined the way we experience video games.

Given the importance that music actually played in defining what those games were—besides the green pipes, the power-up mushrooms, and the omnipresent koopas and that is — Youtube user Player Piano created an NES-shaped piano, which, of course, sports all the defining features of good old Nintendo. It has a red and yellow cable, the stool is shaped like a controller and the keys are placed in what looks like the cartridge slot (do you remember how frustrating it was when it got dusty and you were unable to play any game?)

On this nerdy dream come true, pianist Sonya Belousova plays a medley of tunes from Nintendo classic Super Mario Bros: if you are familiar with the game, you can recognize the main theme, the underworld theme, the underwater theme, and the flagpole fanfare.

nintendo shaped piano

NES Piano

In the meantime, we encourage all of you to practice the Super Mario tunes on the piano. Mario Piano features piano transcriptions of Super Mario Bros’s most famous tracks.

We also hope we can take full advantage of the soundtrack in the upcoming Super Mario Maker.


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