S6 Original Acoustic Guitar Limited Edition Review 2021

S6 Original Acoustic Guitar Limited Edition Review

S6 Original Acoustic Guitar Limited Edition Review

S6 Original Acoustic Guitar Limited Edition

Although not as big and as famous as some other brands out there, Seagull Guitars has built a solid reputation over the decades. Almost 40 years on the market, they were able to offer some of the best guitars on the market. What's more, they are also known for their ukuleles, mandolins, and some other string instruments.

Nonetheless, Seagull's acoustic guitars still remain their most critically acclaimed products. And whether you're choosing between a Seagull or another brand, there's a high chance that Seagull will be a better option, at least in the mid-level price range.

This is exactly why we decided to look more into the topic and dig up one of their most famous acoustic guitars for a review. The instrument model in question here is the S6 Original Acoustic. Now, this particular guitar comes in regular and Limited Edition versions. Here, we'll focus mostly on these Limited Edition guitars which still share most of the traits with the "regular" S6 versions. So let's get into it.

S6 Original Acoustic Guitar Limited Edition Review


Seagull has been building these particular guitars for quite some time now, and S6 has become pretty much their standard model. First off, this is a pretty straightforward instrument without any unnecessary additions which would serve as selling points. It's just a good old acoustic guitar with no frills. What's also worth noting is that all of these guitars are made in Canada, ensuring maximum build quality and pretty unexpected worth for the money.

This is a dreadnaught-shaped instrument with the body made of solid cedar and wild cherry. Of course, the solid cedar wood is on the top, while wild cherry is used for sides and the back. Meanwhile, we have special silver leaf maple for the neck, while the fretboard is the standard rosewood. This one is not much of a surprise, but the silver leaf maple is quite an exciting addition.

What's more, the neck also features a double-action truss rod. This particular feature adds some more versatility to the setup. You won't often find a guitar, both electric or acoustic, with this kind of addition. Even more great features come with the tapered headstock. This offers both tuning reliability and overall build quality. It takes a lot of effort to actually damage this guitar's neck, so there's no need to worry, even with heavy strings and rougher handling.

Going over to some other features, we have a quality-built nut. This one is Compensated Tusq, which is made by Graph Tech. This offers some significant improvements when it comes to overall playability, tone, and especially its sustain. Looking at all the aforementioned features, it's pretty clear that Seagull is a company that's very focused on the tone quality of their instruments.

The tuning pegs are another one of the instrument's strong points. Not to get too technical, these tuners add to the Seagull S6's tuning stability. Not only will the player be able to tune it up with ease, but it also keeps the guitar in check.

Design and Build Quality

But with all this said, let's also look at some of the design and build traits. After all, there's one very important idea behind this particular guitar model – it's supposed to please the demands for great tone and playability, as well as to offer a very aesthetically pleasing design. We could say that this is a "full package" kind of deal. Which is really surprising for the price.

The Limited Edition versions of Seagull's S6 that we're looking at stand out with their special design and finish changes. These are flat-back guitars with a few different colors and finishes. For instance, we have a dark red, almost "bloody," Tennessee Red version. There's also a dark black version, as well as a faded blue one. Overall, there are not many changes here, except for the finishes.

All of the versions, except for the faded blue limited edition, have a pickguard. Each of the pickguards has a matching color. This proves how much time and effort the company took to make these acoustic guitars aesthetically pleasing. And mind you – this is not the classic gloss finish, but rather the semi-gloss lacquer, which is another surprising trait at this price point.


Looking at the materials used for the guitar's body, you can already draw some conclusions about its tone. The solid cedar top is one of the best ways to add that much-appreciated brightness into an acoustic guitar's tone. The wild cherry sides and back just add to this whole vibe. Of course, we could say the same about the neck.

However, this is not a guitar for those who need mellower tones. Yes, it comes in handy for almost any genre where you need acoustic parts, but it's just not the best solution for those who don't prefer bright and mid-heavy tones. Even if you add heavy processing and EQ to it, you'll have trouble finding a mellow tone with it.

As far as the performance stability goes, the guitar stays in tune in almost any kind of setting. Even with significant bending and harder strumming and picking, even hitting on the strings, there's hardly any chance you'll go significantly out of tune.

Is S6 Original Acoustic Guitar Limited Edition Good?

To put it simply – whatever is the genre and whatever the background you come from, there's hardly any chance you'll be disappointed with Seagull's S6. It's just one surprising guitar with pretty much no flaws, at least for this particular price point.

And even if you're a beginner or an intermediate looking for your first or new guitar, S6 comes as a great solution. In fact, there's a high chance that this instrument will serve you well even when you reach advanced or professional levels. The only thing you'll need to bear in mind is its bright tone. If you're fine with that, then we'd definitely advise you to get one of these.

S6 Original Acoustic Guitar Limited Edition


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