Rob Landes & Christopher McKiggan Perform Stunning ‘James Bond’ Mashup

You see two tuxedo-clad gentlemen enter a villa and exchange meaningful glances with standby bombshells. Soon after that, mayhem ensues.

This sounds like the plot of your standard 007 movie, but this time around, cold-hearted criminals or thugs are not fought to stop the cold war or some wicked nuclear endeavor: instead, violinist Rob Landes and Pianist Christopher Janwong McKiggan have to fend off villains in order to play their instruments.

The result is a mash up of the James Bond Main Theme and Writing’s On The Wall by Sam Smith, which is part of the soundtrack of the series’s latest instalment Spectre. Oh, and Writing’s On The Wall won a Golden Globe for best original song.

We see Landes use pizzicato before announcing the main theme. When they transition to Writing’s On The Wall, they imbue the melody with a strength and a vis that is missing from Sam Smith’s original performance, whose elegiac tone is vaguely reminiscent of The World is Not Enough.


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