10 Reasons Why You Should Learn to Play the Drum Set

Reasons Learn to Play the Drum Set
Reasons Learn to Play the Drum Set

Looking for the reasons why you should learn to play the drum set?

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Drums are one of the most common instruments in today’s society and one of the oldest in history. Drums may seem loud and imposing at first glance, but they are some of the most beneficial instruments to both your physical and mental health. Drums have an impressive ability to make you feel more energized and in turn, transform a boring atmosphere into a thrilling one.

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When you find a community of drummers that you belong to, it will also give you a sense of belonging, because drummers like to hand out together. Beyond the excellent reasons that drumming is fun and social, learning how to play the drum set can also impact your physical health for the better. Here are more reasons why you should learn how to play a drum set:

10 Reasons Why You Should Learn to Play the Drum Set

  1. Drums are found in almost all genres of music

Drums are among the oldest musical instruments so it comes as no surprise that drums are needed and found in all musical genres. Drums are vital because they provide the percussive element that is needed to produce rhythm. Drums are therefore responsible for making you tap your foot or nod your head along to the beat of the music.

  1. Help your coordination and motor skills

A lot of people would argue that drumming necessitates a level of coordination that is not always needed in other instruments. To play the drums properly, one has to be able to concentrate on one pattern using one hand and a different on the other, which can be hard to do especially at the beginning stages.  When one finally masters the drums, they enhance their overall coordination skills as well.

  1. Improve your confidence levels

It can become increasingly challenging for drummers to stay on top and keep up with the different techniques. As such, when a drummer overcomes such challenges, the confidence boost that comes with overcoming the challenge can allow one to explore other areas of difficulty in their lives.

  1. Drum sets make brilliant stress relievers

Whether you are performing professionally in front of audiences or are simply hitting the drums for fun, drumming is a sure-fire way to deal with stress and anxiety. Playing the drums and getting into the rhythm of it all can act as a powerful tool for meditation. And when calories are burned simultaneously, drumming can leave you in a fantastic mood.

  1. You will always have a great time

Wherever you go, you will always be able to make friends and have a great time, because drums have a uniting ability that is missing in many other instruments. Drums are incredibly social instruments that encourage people to dance and maintain a rhythm. Research also states that drumming improves social behavior, group cohesion, and self-expression.

  1. To improve your academic performance

Musical training of any kind, including drums, has been known to impact learning and academic performance positively. Learning the drums can improve one’s language skills, as well as boost one’s arithmetic ability. Students often use the logical ability that is developed when learning instruments to solve issues that are not related to music.

  1. Professional growth

Anyone can take up drumming at any age because it is one of the most professionally fulfilling instruments out there. Drummers are always in demand especially in bands, because drums and other percussion instruments are needed in almost all genres. Even on an amateur level, novice drummers can still find a variety of ways to make money including working in gigs and ceremonies like weddings.

  1. Drumming burns calories

Drumming not only gets your heart rate pumping, but it also burns calories and builds muscles, which is significant when trying to lose weight or remain healthy. Although only a small section of drummers take up the instrument as a means of losing weight, the constant movement that is produced when one is playing results in a steady burn that lowers calories as well as improves one’s cardio.

  1. Great for beginners

Beginners are by far some of the most common varieties of drummers and they come in different shapes and sizes. There are also different teaching methods that are utilized when learning how to play the drums. Some students prefer to learn by touching or listening, while others simply prefer to observe. Whichever method you prefer, drum sets are great options for beginners all one needs is a great mentor.

  1. You can play with a variety

You might be surprised to know this, but there is more than just one type of drum. While drum sets and kits are some of the most popular types of modern drums, there are also other options that drummers can experiment with to produce different sounds and melodies. Examples of other drum types include goblet drums, hand drums, conga, bass drums, Djembe and so on and so forth.


Music and drum sets, in particular, have the uncanny ability to lift you up, make you feel more relaxed and empowered. Drums are also incredibly popular and are found in almost all genres of modern music from pop hits to African tribal music. A lot of people tend to shy away from learning drums because they are loud and they usually require a lot of room for storage.

However, when taken up frequently and consistently, playing the drums can improve your coordination, allow you to express your creative side, as well as improve your coordination skills. These are some of the few reasons why you should consider taking up the drums in the coming days.


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