Re-Introducing Dave Barnes

I was first introduced to his music in 2010, with the release of What We Want, What We Get (on the Razor & Tie label). This label stands out to me for indie labels as consistently having great talent. I later found out that Dave Barnes walks with some a good company of musical friends including Amy Grant (who performed at his wedding) and John Mayer.

The 2010 release contained what I thought was the best track on the album God Gave Me You. Honest, loving and uplifting from start to finish, the song provided a great intro to the artist for me and was a regular feature on my radio program (The Appetizer Radio Show).  But Dave Barnes wouldn’t be the one to make this song popular (or as famous). In 2011 Blake Shelton released it as his 2nd single on Red River Blue which would go on to be a number 1 track on country radio (and sell over 1 million units).

Three years and four albums later, Dave Barnes continues to write and perform, having recently released his latest album Golden Days. The 2014 release has become a sweeping hit on the iTunes singer-songwriter chart. The current radio track Good is the first single from the release.

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