PRS S2 Singlecut Review: Is It Worth The Price?

prs s2 singlecut review
prs s2 singlecut review

PRS is known to design some of the most exclusive and some of the most premium guitars out there. These guitars are not only exquisite in terms of looks, but they are also the best guitars when it comes to durability, efficiency, and perfect playback experience. PRS doesn’t only design their guitars to look great.

But, it has certain efficiency perks including comfort, better playing experience, and a lot more that will allow you to enjoy the best possible guitar playing experience from it. PRS S2 Single cut is one such exceptional guitar model that you get from the PRS that allows you to have the perfect experience of a single cut guitar that is electric.

You will have the best experience of getting a beginner level guitar at an affordable price and start the guitar playing journey in the right manner. There are numbers of salient features that one should know about the PRS S2 Singlecut guitar, and a few of them that you must know about is mentioned in this review.

PRS S2 Singlecut Review


As the name suggests, PRS S2 is a single-cut guitar that gets you the best of both worlds. The overall design dynamics are keeping the comfort and utility in perspective along with the right color scheme and shape.

The shades on this guitar will make it look a bit vintage with the darker tones on the outside blending to the lighter wooden texture on it. There are multiple knobs and round corners on the back that would ensure the comfort for hours long playing experience and that is simply the best thing for you to enjoy the learning edge that you might be looking for.


The next best thing that you get on the S2 Single Cut from PRS is versatility. This might be the most versatile guitar that you can get out there and it helps you out just perfectly to ensure that you are having the perfect experience out of your guitar and that will be the best thing for you to start the learning journey.

While this is not intended to be used as a learning guitar, the versatility that you get on this one is the perfect thing to enjoy the guitar for all the different playback needs that you might have. No matter what genre you might want to experiment with, or want to play the guitar for, PRS S2 single cut would be your everyday pick to get the job done for you.


You also get a variety of controls on the guitar that would certainly be great to have as you will be enjoying a truly soothing overall experience with a 3-way tuner and extended volume control so you will be able to tune your PRS S2 as you might want to and that would be simply amazing to have.

Not only that, but the strings are also pretty easy to manage, adjust and tune according to the genre you are playing since the fingerboard got the right elasticity and rosewood on it and that is how you can ensure that you are not having any sort of problems with the guitar at all while trying to get acquainted with it or have proper control on all the features that might be out there.


Surprisingly, this guitar has a comparatively lower price tag when you look at some of the other popular models from PRS. That would make PRS S2 single cut one of the most affordable models in the PRS inventory and that should be an attractive price tag for you to enjoy the right experience that you might be seeking.

That price tag is not only low, but it got the best possible quality and all those features on it. Some might call it a steal on that price tag and is way more value than the bucks you will have to spend getting your hands on one of these guitars.

That would certainly make it the right investment for you since minimal maintenance costs are involved and that would be simply the best thing for you to have the perfect experience from any PRS guitar without having to break your bank.

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