PRS 57 08 Pickup Reviews: Should You Get One?

prs 57 08 pickup reviews
prs 57 08 pickup reviews

PRS is not only popular for their exceptional quality of guitars but they are also pretty great with the amps, pickups, and tuners that are crucial to enhance your overall guitar playing experience and you must ensure that you are picking all the equipment with great consideration to get the most out of your guitar playing experience.

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That is not all, but the pickup also plays an important role in tuning the guitars and picking the right tunes. The pickup is certainly great yet you need to consider the decision thoroughly and make the best choice for any sort of guitar you might have.

There are a few things that one must understand about choosing the pickup and if you are looking to get some more information on the PRS 57 08 pickup and if it would be the right choice for you to have, here are a few important factors that you must understand to make the right decision and get it for any sort of needs you might be having:

PRS 57 08 Pickup Reviews


The first thing one might consider to pick the right pickup for your guitar is compatibility as you must ensure that you are getting the best edge of compatibility and the pickup must be able to work with your guitar optimally.

There are certainly some factors included, but the best thing about PRS 57/08 pickup is that it is not the only best fit for the PRS guitars, but would do perfectly fine with all the other brands of guitars as well. It is compatible with all those 3-way pushes or pulls and 5-way pickup selectors that will allow you to enjoy the best experience with any pickup selector you might choose.

The PRS 57/08 is a humbucking pickup that is designed to be a replacement pickup for any 6-string guitar bridge out there. That would make it the right choice for you to have if you are looking for a new pickup with your guitar that has a 6-strings bridge on it and you will certainly be able to enjoy the best edge of perfection on it.


Coming to the features, this pickup certainly has the latest features that you might be able to get on any of the PRS pickups out there. It has passive treble tones on it with DC resistance of 9.4K and 3 wire plus shield on the conductors.

That is certainly the best thing for you to enjoy on any of those electric guitars out there if you are looking to enjoy the best of picking experience without having to worry about any sort of malfunctions on the guitar.

In addition to all that, it also got a nickel cover that is the best thing you can get on any of the pickups out there to save it from scratches optimally and get the best experience out of it at the same time.


The efficiency is certainly great on the pickup and you will be enjoying a far more soothing experience with any of those other pickup selectors that are out there in the market. That will be helping you out perfectly to ensure that you don’t have anything to worry about and you can have just the perfect experience from the pickup.


Affordability is one of the cons of the equipment that you get from the PRS as their upfront cost is comparatively on the higher side if compared with some of the competitors out there. That means you will need to think twice if you are looking to save some bucks before choosing any equipment from PRS since there are some more cost-efficient options available in the market.

However, if you are not on a budget restraint and are just looking to enjoy the music with the best edge of features, perfection, and durability, then this pickup is worth each penny that you might end up paying for it and you will certainly be having the best value for your bucks as well.

Yet, the maintenance costs are equal to none and you don’t have to worry about a single thing at all to maintain the pickup and it will be as good as new for years and years.

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