Pono Guitars Review – Should You Get Them?

pono guitars review
pono guitars review

Guitars don’t come only in the standard shape and size, but there is also a lot more to it that will allow you to enjoy different genres. Indeed, guitar and other stringed instruments have been a part of our musical world and culture for quite some time now, and that allows you to enjoy a certain variety of these stringed instruments that will enable you to get your hands on all these different genres at the same time.

You will not have to worry about a single thing at all since these guitars are designed to be played for these specific genres and get you just the perfect experience with these. Pono guitars are one such type of guitars that are used for cultural and folk musical genres. The guitar is mostly associated with the red-Indian and South American culture.

These guitars are also relatively smaller in size, and that is the most distinct feature that you will be noticing once you see a Pono Guitar. It is made by the Ukulele site and is certainly great to get your hands on. A few things that you will need to keep in mind to know more about Pono Guitars and if they will be a right fit for you are:

Pono Guitars Review


The first thing to talk about while you are looking for specifics on the Pono Guitars is the size and the dimensions are certainly important. The guitar is overall 38.2” in length and has a depth of about 4.25” that is considerably smaller than other guitars and it fits in the hands perfectly.

Moving forward, the size makes it a bit harder to play for those who are used to the regular-sized guitars since there is also a considerably lesser gap between the strings and your fingers might get tangled while trying to pick these strings. Moving forward, the size will be somehow a better thing for you as well, since it will be easier to carry around and you will be getting the best edge of portability at the same time.

Design Specs

There are also some great design specs that you will be getting on the Pono Guitars, and you will get Acacia top back and sides on the guitar, and that will certainly be the best thing to have the right experience on your guitar that you might be possibly seeking on this guitar.

Moving forward, the bridge and fingerboard get you the perfect edge of flexibility at the same time that will allow you to have the elasticity and a smooth texture on the fingerpicking places that will be the best thing for you to have the right feel and texture while you are picking the strings on a Pono guitar for any performance.

Performance Specs

The performance specs are certainly great on this guitar as well and all that will allow you to have the right experience since you get a wood rosette on this guitar along with a Radius fretboard that is exceptional for the Pono guitars and there is hardly any issue that you will be facing while playing this guitar for the folk genre of music and have the right edge of tunes on it at the same time.

You will also be getting bone nut and saddle that are not only great in sense of durability but also gets you the perfect edge of utility on this guitar that will be simply the right thing for you to ensure that you are not missing out on anything and getting the best of both worlds.


While the wood types used and overall build quality on the guitar are pretty exceptional and which will certainly help you to ensure that there are no such problems that you will have to face in terms of durability.

It also comes with the hardshell case that will help you to make sure that you are getting the perfect maintenance on the Pono Guitar. The only problem that you might get in terms of durability is on the bone saddle and nuts since they tend to wear out at times and that wear will not be uniform as well and you will need to get them replaced.

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