Pod Tune Takes Ambient Into The Deepest Oceans

Pod Tune Harold Linde Cover medium
It’s been reported and studied for decades that dolphins, whales, and other aquatic wildlife communicate in song. What if you could capture those ambient signals and languages and infuse them with music? The Pod Tune project explores exactly this notion.

This was the first song I sampled from this ambient ocean music collection. I’m drawn to the number 7, and I rarely start at the beginning of anything when sampling new music for the first time. There are elements of classic Chinese music in this style, particularly the stringed instrument parts. It’s fascinating that the melodies and progression are drawn from the sounds of whales. Other tracks incorporate a wide array of world music styles from across the globe, making this ambient music project even more intriguing.

Pod Tune is an expansive project undertaken by Harold Linde, a music producer and myth-based storyteller whose passion for the environment stretches into the collaboration of earth and man. This beautiful and esoteric music project is a wonderful illustration of the collaboration between man and animal using the sound textures inherent in how we all communicate through music.

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