A Player Plays Bach Flute Sonata – Flute and Organ at The Same Time

Why would anyone need a Continuo? The flutist has played both the melody and bass. She has covered the melody and bass at the same time.

On a usual day, what we hear can be easily digested. We enjoy Bach’s amazing flute sonatas. These sonatas are usually accompanied by basso continuo.

In the Iowa Flute Festival, flutist ‘Fluterscooter’ made a spectacular performance. She proved that she can play everything all by herself. In that performance, she has taken care of everything. The solo lines were played as well as does the continuo part. These parts were played on the organ pedals.

This performance has taken the musical world by the storm. Many people are surprised when they found out in the uploaded video that a flutist can play the flute and the organ at the very same time. She has a channel on YouTube where you can watch all her videos. The name of her YouTube channel is Fluter Scooter.

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