15 Best Piano Lessons for Beginners Review 2021

Piano Lessons for Beginners

Piano Lessons for Beginners

The piano is an Italian originated instrument that works on an acoustic, stringed mechanism. The nodes are generally soft, high pitched with a pleasing effect. The piano is played using a set of keys called a keyboard that is wrapped with wood, wool, or sometimes leather. These keys act like a drum that strikes the strings at the back to produce the tunes.

Modern pianos come with a row of 36 black keys and 52 white keys, each with a sound of their own. The piano is played for tons of genres including Classical, Jazz, Sonata, Blue, Orchestra, Boogie, Chamber, and more. It is among the most famous and popular instruments that you can find today being played out there.

However, due to 88 keys and remembering all those combinations, it can get a bit tricky to play the piano. You need to go with the flow and maintain a sequence that is required to play the piano efficiently.

While you can learn piano from different music schools and studios, not everyone can afford that luxury due to a lack of time or resources. But for those who are passionate enough, no hurdle can stop them to chase their dreams. You can get your hands on some cool piano lessons that you can learn from online and chase your dreams.

15 Best Piano Lessons for Beginners Review

1) MasterClass: Herbie Hancock Teaches Jazz

MasterClass Herbie Hancock Jazz Lessons for Beginners

Jon Herbie is the role model for most piano aspirants as he started off his career from his living room listening to records. Today, you can get a chance to learn from the living legend, and see all the magic that he spreads using his fingers on a piano.

This course by MasterClass contains 25 lessons spanning over 4 and a half hours. You will learn all the background information that you might be looking for on the human approach to music, improvisation, and learning music by listening to it. Moving forward, you will build a strong foundation for your piano learning journey.

Apart from that, the course contains information on two basic jazz forms, and you will be listening to "Oleo" to learn it. The course also contains insight on piano basics and exercises that will help you brush up your piano playing skills and make it count towards your goals.

Further, this course also helps you expand your creativity through improvising learning techniques that will help you grow beyond ordinary and have the best learning experience online. The course also contains some guidance on composing and recomposing so you can not only play but compose your music yourself.

2) Artistworks: Christie Peery Piano Lessons

ArtistWorks Christie Peery Piano Lessons for Beginners

Christie Peery is the name that anyone who has a thing for piano can remember. She has done a commendable job with this course by recording hundreds of classical piano lessons in the form of videos that students can access.

This course contains 100s of videos with lessons, practice tips, and more insight in playing piano efficiently. You also get up to 5 video submissions to the teacher to get her feedback on them so you can improve where needed. You also get access to a video exchange library and music theory workshop where you can interact with other students and grow your skills significantly.

The best thing about this course is that it is suitable for all levels. From a beginner to an expert piano player can join this course and enjoy a seamless learning experience that is not possible otherwise. There are tons of student materials from PeeryPiano.com. You also get to learn about maintaining the right posture, a practice chart, and common mistakes that are generally made while playing the Piano.

3) Artistworks: George Whitty Jazz Piano Lessons

ArtistWorks George Whitty Jazz Piano Lessons for Beginners

Jazz is incomplete without Piano; it is the most popular musical instrument being played for Jazz music and this course helps you learn and understand all about it. With the help of this course, you are going to learn Jazz music playing on the Piano.

George Whitty is one of the most renowned artists that have created some wonders on Piano and in this course, you will get to learn from him the best there is about Jazz Piano. The course contains 100s of video lessons that you can enjoy based on your skill level and needs to learn.

The course gets you tips on both acoustic and electric pianos so you can find your way around both easily. You will learn jazz scales & voicings with this course and get access to improvisation exercises to step-up your jazz game on a piano.

There are some of your favorite backing tracks included in the course that you can use to play along with them and enhance your playing experience greatly. You also get slow-motion and looping options on the videos so you can have a better understanding of the course.

4) Artistworks: Hugh Sung Popular Piano Lessons

ArtistWorks Hugh Sung Popular Piano Lessons for Beginners

With years of experience playing Piano, Hugh Sung has put all the knowledge in the making of this course so the students can enjoy an in-depth piano learning experience. The course presents you with a detailed breakdown of pop songs and makes you understand to play piano for the pop genre with the help of real-life examples from these songs.

Not only that, but you will also get some cool sheet music to practice on your own and grow your skills with a piano. The course contains elaborative insight on fundamentals so you can have a strong learning journey from the very beginning of the course.

You get to learn the posture, how to learn a song, how to practice, how to perform confidently in front of an audience, or while recording, and a lot more on this course. The course itself is filled with tens of songs that you can practice along to polish your skills.

Maintain the right flow and rhythm that is required to play the piano for any performance. You will get to learn some cool exercises in the end as well that are focused on improvisation for all the students.

5) Udemy: Learn Piano or Keyboard from Scratch – Complete Piano Course

Udemy 1 Piano Lessons for Beginners

This one is a complete piano course for beginners to take their lessons from the beginning and get to an intermediate or even higher level of playing the piano. The course contains an extensive range of lessons spanning over 18.5 hours of on-demand video, 34 articles, and a whopping collection of 469 downloadable resources.

The best part is, you are going to get lifetime access to all these so you can not only learn at your own comfortable pace but also revise the course lessons whenever you want to.

You get to learn all the chords on the piano that will allow you to play any song of your choice. You will be able to read music as well and that will help you in playing from lead sheets, chord sheets, and sheet music.

The course will help you improvise using the pentatonic and blue scales so you can grow your skills with piano to a level that you want to. All you need is a piano or an electric keyboard and you can start learning the piano from this course.

6) Udemy: The Complete Piano Course – Master the Piano

Udemy 2 Piano Lessons for Beginners

This one here is your ultimate guide to learn all there is about Piano and grow your skills with the instrument. The course helps you start from the very beginning, as you don’t need to have any prior piano experience or music knowledge at all to start the course.

Created by Iliya Ryakhovskiy, the course is all about understanding the music theory, knowing how to use every key signature efficiently. Not only that, but you will also be learning how to improvise your playing techniques.

The course contains 21.5 hours of on-demand video, 1 article, and 15 downloadable resources with lifetime access so you can enjoy a self-paced, comfortable online learning experience. All you will need to have is a piano or keyboard ready and have strong determination and will to learn piano.

There are over 240 lectures in the course, and you will be able to understand the music theory, create your music, get the right motivation, and perform beautiful music on any platform. The course is focused on all students with different skill levels. That means you can start from the level that suits you best and it will help you move forward.

7) Udemy: The Ultimate Piano Chords Course – for Piano & Keyboard

Udemy 3 Piano Lessons for Beginners

Created by Arthur Bird, this course might not be the best fit for absolute beginners but suits the needs of most intermediate and pro-level players who are looking to grow their skills. This course helps you understand an in-depth insight into music and you can learn to play your favorite songs on the piano and even sing along them.

The course contains 6.5 hours of video lessons, 22 articles, and 28 downloadable resources, that will help you greatly in learning piano the way you have always wanted to. The course will make you confident enough to pick up any chord sheet, play along, and make it sound great.

You will also learn by using the techniques that are highly improvised to facilitate online learning. The course enables singers to accompany themselves, or you can even learn to play with a band or along with some other singer. By the end of this course, you would have learned a wide variety of rhythms, playing techniques, and patterns that can be applied to chords.

8) Udemy: The Complete Piano and Music Theory Beginner Course

Udemy 4 Piano Lessons for Beginners

The piano is much more than just pressing some keys on the keyboard and that is what this course explains in detail. With the help of this great course, you will be able to learn the proper piano technique with the help of music theory.

The course follows a perspective that allows even beginners to understand and learn piano efficiently so they can get expertise on the instrument. You will be learning major, minor, augmented, and diminished chords and major and minor scales in this course that are going to help you a lot.

Further, the course is created by musicians inspired with 3 articles, 1.5 hours of video lessons, and 1 downloadable resource to help students understand the basic theory of music and start their journey with a piano from their onwards. The course will start from the right posture so you can keep playing uninterrupted for hours and hours and understand the right rhythmic subdivisions from there.

Moving forward gradually, you will be understanding the music, reading sheet music, and how you can use these newly found skills towards playing piano in an effective manner. This is the most compact course for beginners to learn the piano that you can find on the website.

9) Udemy: Piano Fastlane – From Zero to Hero with Piano & Keyboard

Udemy 5 Piano Lessons for Beginners

If you feel stuck with piano and think like you are never going to be able to play the piano in the right manner, then this course is definitely the right choice for you. With the help of this course, you are going to learn all there is about piano and to play it like a pro.

You are going to learn the best techniques of playing piano so you can play any song of any genre that you may want to. This is the right guide for beginners, intermediate, and even expert level piano players to step up their game at playing the piano. With the help of this course, you will learn how to play by ear in a completely cool and exciting way.

The course is designed by Simon Kirkils and contains over 33 hours of on-demand video, 2 articles, and 95 downloadable resources that you can use to learn from at your own pace and even choose to revise if you wish to. You don't need to have any experience or knowledge with Piano but only your will to learn and rest is all provided in this course.

10) Udemy: Jazz Piano – Ultimate Beginners Course for Piano & Keyboard

Udemy 6 Piano Lessons for Beginners

This is the simplest, yet efficient course that you can find on the website to learn Jazz piano. The course offers a unique, step-by-step approach to learn Jazz piano chords, improvisation, and famous jazz classics over a piano.

With the help of this course by Arthur Bird, you will be able to understand how to play jazz chords and walking bass lines. Not only that, but you will also be getting familiar with some famous jazz classics over a piano so you can learn them and perform them at any given event.

There are 51 downloadable resources, 45 articles, and 7.5 hours of on-demand videos on this course that are enough for any beginner to step-up their game and learn all there is about Jazz Piano. This course is a perfect choice to understand what it takes and learn all the required skills to be able to play Jazz Piano perfectly.

11) Flowkey: Lessons for Beginners

Flowkey Piano Lessons for Beginners

Flowkey is the next generation solution to learning the piano. While you can get tons of theory and practice videos from the lessons online, flowkey allows you a unique and interactive method of learning that would help you improve your skills with piano significantly.

They are offering a smartphone application that is compatible with both Android and iOS so you can learn anywhere you like. The best thing is, you can even connect the application with your keyboard and practice with the right flow.

The course is suitable for beginners, returners, and most advanced players. With their purpose-oriented application, you will be able to learn any song on the piano within minutes.

With the collaboration of Yamaha, you get a huge library of songs within the application, get a flow mode to master tricky parts of the song, and even the option to play some tunes on a slow-motion to understand them properly.

12) Pianoforall: Lessons for Beginners

Pianoforall Piano Lessons for Beginners

The name of this website tells the tale for the course. The website holds lessons for people with all the age groups and expertise so that you can enjoy a dedicated learning experience that is tailored according to your needs.

You will be getting access to step-by-step lessons that will help you move gradually from the bottom to the very top and you will be able to play piano confidently at any party to surprise your friends and family or even give a performance at some orchestra.

The website also helps you with an online application that will accompany you with practicing and you will get all the assistance that you might be needed with this application. There are over 200 video lessons that contain all the insight and guidance that one might need to take their Piano playing skills to the place they want and have planned for themselves.

13) PianoMarvel: Lessons for Beginners

PianoMarvel Piano Lessons for Beginners

While other websites and lessons follow theory and practice-based approaches to help students learn piano, this unique website captures your interest first. Their unique learning module makes you learn all the songs that you want to learn by playing along these. This way, you can keep practicing on your favorite songs and develop the right skills even before knowing them.

Practice makes a man perfect, and the same can be said for piano. The more you practice, the better you are going to get with the piano, and this app helps you significantly with that.

There are tons of features such as video lessons and prepare mode in the application that waist for you to play so you can find your way around the keys efficiently and grow the right skills that are needed of you to play the piano. You also get assessments at the end of each level so you can track your progress and be confident about it. These assessments also help you improve any mistakes that you might be making.

14) JazzEdge: Learn Piano with Willie Myette

JazzEdge Piano Lessons for Beginners

This is the best way you can find online to learn piano lessons. You get tons of video lessons and practice videos to help you through the journey but the best part is you get one-on-one sessions with Willie who will accompany you to practice and point out your mistakes in real-time so you can fix them and move your skills a level up.

Not only that, but you are also going to get tons of resources listed on this website that will help you through your online piano learning journey.

On this website, you get round the clock access to these lessons so you can practice at your comfort and make your schedule. There are tons of popular tracks listed with the right guidance for you so you can learn to play the piano by practicing those tracks and make it count towards your success.

You will also get ear training so you can learn to play any track by just listening to it. There are also hundreds of sheet music for you to practice piano lessons.

15) Playground Sessions: Learn Piano with Grammy & Emmy Winner Harry Connick, JR.

Playground Sessions Piano Lessons for Beginners

Harry Connick, JR. is the name that is known all over the world for his magical work on the piano. His fingers on keys are simply majestic and it won't be wrong to call him a piano genius.

In these lessons, you will get a chance to learn from him and some of the most loved techniques of his own creation that he uses to spread magic through music tunes from a piano. There are thousands of song lessons with Harry's valuable insight on them so you can learn the right way to play these songs on the piano.

You will also be learning music theory with the help of your favorite songs to make things more interesting and fun for you. The lessons follow an easy to understand and follow narrative so you are not left behind on the learning process at any point. The best part is, you will be seeing real-time feedback, progress charts, and score levels with illustrations to keep you up to speed.

Choosing the Best Piano Lessons for Beginners

These are some of the best online piano lessons that you can find. Each lesson has been reviewed based on the features, targeted audience, and efficiency so you can decide on your own regarding the best piano lesson for you and start turning your dreams to reality by playing the piano as you have always wanted to.


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