Phillip LaRue Shares Strong Memories In New Album

“The days they move too fast
You try to make them last…”

Phillip LaRue has come from the Christian Music scene of a few decades past into the indie singer-songwriter realm, and has done so in a captivating way. Many artists have tried to cross-over from faith-based music spheres in to a more mainstream platform and not had the grace or beauty in their songwriting to make that happen. It’s refreshing to see (and hear) Phillip LaRue making that transition.

This video and the song that joins it on the new album You is a revelation of a style of writing that fits well with how Larue has built his music career up to this point-honesty.

You certainly captures something of this feeling, that everything in our lives deserve appreciation,” Richard Lyne of The Appetizer Radio Blog said of the album, which came into being after an accident that almost cost Phillip LaRue the ability to make music. Surviving that experience led to the writing and cultivation of his best music to date.

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