With Only Paper and Cardboard can Produce Tiny Pipe Organ

In the world where musicians and instrumentalists are buying very expensive instruments, someone has also crafted instruments producing very cute sounds just with the help of materials such as paper and cardboard. This tiny paper and cardboard organ have an inflated balloon. The sound produced by the inflated balloon is the principle behind this Tiny Pipe Organ.

You might not have heard a cuter sound than the sound produced by this paper and cardboard tiny organ. There could be nothing in this world that can even match the cuteness of this pipe organ.

Another best thing about this small pipe instrument is its small size. It is very convenient to store in a room or even if you have a small bedroom, it can be kept there. You can play it without it occupying much space.

Aliaksei Zholner has worked on this instrument and showcased his talent on instruments and microengineering. The creator is not looking for the mass production of this tiny pipe organ which has made many of us sad for a time now. He excuses that it is actually difficult to print and assemble such a tiny instrument.

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