Violinist Plays Paganini Caprice No. 5 … While Riding A Bicycle [VIDEO]

If you’ve been wondering how to find time to practice your instrument during your morning commute ride, here is an idea.

If you can ride your bike with no hands and you play the violin, mandolin, guitar, or something similar then you could combine the two. That’s what Turkish violinist, Taylan Ergul does and makes it look like a piece of cake. But Paganini 5th Caprice, using the original bowings? Wow! Now that’s a challenge for all the biking violinists out there.

Born in Ankara, Taylan Ergul began his violin training at Ankara State Conservatory at 10 years old. Now, besides playing recitals and orchestra gigs in Europe he also looks for crazy and fun new ideas for playing music.


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