Old Man In Nursing Home Reacts To Hearing Music From His Era [VIDEO]

Never underestimate the power of music. If anyone needs proof of how amazing music is, this is it! It can bring a senile man back to life, activating a part of the brain once thought inaccessible. Music is Henry’s only way to feel all the love from his past and now music has opened his heart to the world. I wish more people could enjoy this kind of pure magic and love. We all can learn a lot from this video.

The Healing Power of Music

Today, music is known for its ability to affect mood, trigger memories, and foster loving associations. But did you know that certain forms of music, particularly classical and baroque, can help you tap into your own innate ability to heal your heart?

It’s for this reason that many healthcare practitioners, cardiologists included, have begun turning to the power of music. Increasingly, they have come to believe that the melody, pitch, timing, and beat of the music can alter a patient’s state of being by quieting his body and allowing him to enter the spiritual recesses of his mind.

Music pre-dates language in terms of the evolution of the brain, so it makes perfect sense that stimulating that deeper structure would temporarily invigorate the higher language-related structures.

Source: howstuffworks.com 
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