Music makes your kid smarter, studies show

music makes children smarterIt is no mystery that music is an activity that engages the brain, the body and the senses. Playing a musical instrument or even simply listening to music are activities with an incredible benefit for the development of a child. A recent study actually revealed that learning to play an instrument as a child can truly help brain development. Kids who play a musical instrument seem to find it a lot easier to develop full-standing language skills earlier on, and even learn other languages more naturally.

Musical know-how seem to be connected with language skills, as playing an instrument might be responsible for a significant increase in brain sensitivity to sounds and speech. With the same premises, music might help children with problems such as autism and dyslexia, because the musical notions might allow their brains to focus on their sound / information processing in different areas, including speech and attention management. Music is fun and useful. A true win-win combination!

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