Muse Returns To Life With Dead Inside

Break up songs have been a means of getting new bands on the map, particularly in alt-rock. Recall the early days of Pearl Jam with their song Black or Coldplay’s The Scientist, both notable relationship-killer tunes.

Muse returns with their seventh studio album Drones, debuting the first single Dead Inside. Dead Inside is potentially the resulting musical note of frontman Matt Bellamy’s relationship with movie star Kate Hudson. In the track, Bellamy sings of a lack of emotion from the counterpart, a note that in the heart of what should be a lover, there’s very little to offer. The result makes both parties dead inside.

The tried and true guitar-textured Muse is back to its rock essence in the new single. The sound that made the UK rockers international icons continues to push fans to new heights of alternative enjoyment, even if the subject matter dives into painful territory.


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