Mugig FT-1 Flute Reviews 2021

Mugig FT-1 Flute Review

Mugig FT-1 Flute Review

Mugig FT-1 Flute

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The Mugig FT-1 Flute is a quality musical instrument designed specifically for the beginner musician looking to learn to play the flute. The materials used by the Mugig craftsman to make the FT-1 flute are much of the same that you will find on much more expensive instruments. The sturdiness of the construction is one of the main reasons why it is capable of making beautiful sounds.

The nickel plating of the body, Headjoint, Footjoint and key covers make it look absolutely stunning and great to play at the same time. The 16 key, closed hole (plateau style) configuration with sheep casing rings to create the perfect seal of each hole. The Offset G and Split E key configuration was designed to be easier to be played by beginners, both male and female players alike will get plenty of time to get used to it.

The combination of the nickel plated flat mouth plate with the unique squarish hole which makes it quite a bit easier to completely sealed it off to make the sound it produces much more pleasing to the ears. The C-Footjoint adds access to the low portion of the C register which creates an even wider range of music. The key to its ability to produce such amazing sound is the way it seals in the sound and let’s build inside the sturdy instrument until it burst free in the form of beautiful tones.

Mugig FT-1 Flute Review

Mugig put together a great package to go along with its FT-1 flute and it includes everything that you will need to help maintain the great shiny appearance of the exterior of the flute. You will find a quality polishing cloth, cleaning rod, tightening tool, and a stand with folding legs. The package is topped off by including the heavy-duty, soft-sided carrying case. It is made using a heavy-duty nylon fabric that is sturdy enough to hold up to frequent usage.

The inside features three individually padded compartments designed to hold each of the three parts of the flute when disassembled. It also has a lightweight and sturdy shoulder strap made from nylon webbing. Everything in the package is designed to be fitted inside the carrying case so that it can always be with you.

Who is the target for the Mugig FT-1 Flute

The craftsman and sound designers created the FT-1 Flute to be used mainly by beginners and a young music students whose parents are probably on a tight budget and might not be able to afford a more expensive flute. Do not be fooled though, the Mugig FT-1 Flute does sound absolutely smooth. If you did not know any better you might be tempted to compare the FT-1 to higher end crafters.

Key features of the Mugig FT-1 Flute

  • High-quality nickel plated finish
  • 16 closed hole (plateau style) and nickel plated caps
  • Offset G and Split E keys hinged together for dual actuation
  • High-quality, memory springs for extended operation
  • Nickel plated C-Footjoint makes it possible to reach the low C on the music register
  • Nickel plated Headjoint that features a unique nickel plated lip plate with a squared hole
  • Compact, lightweight nylon soft-sided carry case with a sturdy nylon shoulder strap
  • Limited 6-month warranty

Pros of the Mugig FT-1 Flute

  • The lower price point makes the FT-1 an amazing value in a beginners flute
  • The closed hole and key configuration combine to produce an amazing sound
  • Its range fits perfectly in with beginners and players who haven’t played in a while

Cons of the Mugig FT-1 Flute

  • The soft-sided case does not seem like it would provide as much protection as compared to a hardshell

Is Mugig FT-1 Flute Good?

The Mugig FT-1 Flute is a well engineered musical instrument that is definitely designed for the beginner musician. It was also made for the user that was on a rather tight budget since it can be found for under $60. That price included everything in the package which comes with a complete care kit with a wiping cloth, cleaning rod, tightening device and a flute stand with fold-out legs. All of it fits neatly inside the protective soft-sided nylon case, which is extra durable to keep your flute safe.

The FT-1 Flute is a really good value since you get a pretty decent sounding instrument and do not have to pay a lot of money for it. Music teachers and instructors highly recommend it to their beginner students since it is really easy to play for smaller hands. The offset G and Split E configuration and closed hole (plateau style) make easier to finger the keys in order to produce such beautiful tones.

The overall strength and sturdiness of the body, Headjoint, and Footjoint all combine with the tight seals on the holes and openings to help generate and of the awesome sounds. The craftsman and sound engineers don’t want their customers to feel that they are getting a flute that is in any way inferior just because it is cheaper. The FT-1 not only looks like it could be a much more expensive instrument, but the highly shiny exterior of the nickel plating puts it on par with the much more expensive flute.

However, the really amazing part is when you pick it up and start playing it, there will be no doubt that you made the right choice and your child will enjoy it every time that they pull it out of the case and start playing it. That is when the really amazing thing happens, the smooth sound of the low C and all up through the rest of the full register, every note will sound amazing.

So, if you are looking for a nice instrument for you or your child to get started playing the flute, check out the Mugig FT-1 Flute, you will definitely not be disappointed.

Mugig FT-1 Flute