Mendini by Cecilio MFE_JN+SD+PB Flute Reviews 2021

Mendini by Cecilio MFE_JN+SD+PB flute Review

Mendini by Cecilio MFE_JN+SD+PB flute Review

Mendini by Cecilio MFE_JN+SD+PB Flute

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The Mendini by Cecilio MFE_JN+SD+PB Flute is a nice little musical instrument that well liked by many in the music teaching profession. It comes very highly recommended to parents by music teacher and music instructors for a number of reasons, two of which are for its lower cost and for beautiful tones that it produces.

One of the most important factors in the generation of the sound in a flute is the overall construction of the flute and the materials that go into making it. The more sturdy the construction and better the quality material used in making the body, Headjoint and Footjoint, the better tone that is created.

Being that the Mendini Flute is for beginners, the engineers at Cecilio did a good job in choosing the best hole and key designing to make it easier for smaller hands to finger the 16 holes and manipulate the keys to get the perfect sound to come out it. It features a closed hole (plateau style) configuration and key covers that have a unique double bladder pad which helps to provide a really tight seal over the hole when needed.

It also is designed in an offset G and Split E key configuration with two of them tied together so that they are actuated at the same time. The C Footjoint that is standard on the Mendini means that it is capable of reaching a low C note on the musical register. The beautiful sounds produced by Mendini is definitely one of the main reasons why it is well liked by so many in the music teaching profession.

Mendini by Cecilio MFE_JN+SD+PB Flute Revew

Cecilio put together a great little complete package that includes a polishing cloth, cleaning rod, joint grease. It also includes a foldable flute stand, flute pocketbook, and a special flute fingering guide to be used by beginners just starting out playing the flute. It is available in 7 different color combinations including; all-gold plating, nickel silver with gold-plated covers, all nickel silver plating, all silver plated, silver plated Cupronickel and gold lacquered finish. It includes a 1-year limited warranty on labor.

To finish off the package everything fits nice and neatly into the carrying case that features a heavy-duty nylon zipper. It also has a long zippered pocket across the front of the bag for carrying most of the accessories. The Headjoint, Footjoint and the main body of the flute fit safely inside the carrying case thanks to the three compartments and it has a detachable shoulder strap.

Who is the target for the Mendini by Cecilio MFE_JN+SD+PB Flute

The Mendini Flute was designed particularly for the smallish sized hands of young musicians to be able to reach all of the keys effectively. This is one reason why many music teachers and instructors often recommend it to the parents of their students. The lower price tag makes it easier to be afforded by those families on a tight budget, but this by no means indicates that it is any lesser quality than higher priced flutes in its class.

Key Features of the Mendini by Cecilio MFE_JN+SD+PB Flute

  • Has a premium nickel silver finish for an ultra shiny look
  • Unique undercut beveled embouchure
  • Offset G and Split E keys are tied together for a unified actuation
  • Key covers have double bladder pads to help provide a complete seal of the holes
  • The 16 hole, with a closed hole (plateau style) to deliver beautiful tones
  • Silver plated Footjoint
  • Silver plated Headjoint
  • 1-year limited warranty covering defects

Pros of the Mendini by Cecilio MFE_JN+SD+PB Flute

  • The lower price point of the Mendini Flute helps to make it an exceptional value
  • The sturdy silver nickel construction of the body, Footjoint and Headjoint helps it to play beautiful tones
  • The complete package includes everything that you will need to maintain it and play it

Cons of the Mendini by Cecilio MFE_JN+SD+PB Flute

  • The soft-sided, hard shell carrying case may not be a good choice for younger students

Is Mendini by Cecilio MFE_JN+SD+PB Flute Good?

The Mendini by Cecilio MFE_JN+SD+PB Flute is a high-quality flute designed to used by kids who are new the instrument. It is highly recommended by many music teachers and private instructors all over the country. One main reason for this is its price point. The lower price makes it a tremendous value for parents and families on a tight budget.

The Cecilio sound engineers put together an awesome musical instrument using high-quality materials, but still able to keep the costs down so that they can keep the asking price much lower. When it comes to the flute, the more sturdy then the body of the flute is the smoother the tones that it will produce. The 16-hole design features a plateau style closed hole configuration with well-sealed caps by using double bladder pads under each keycap.

The offset G and linked Split E keys are perfect for younger players who have a limited ability to finger each of the keys. The standard C Footjoint adds the low C to the flutes tone register which makes the sound coming out well suited for grade school music programs. A really surprising thing about this package is that it comes with so much at such a lower price point.

The soft-sided carrying case has a heavy-duty nylon exterior and large nylon zipper with an oversized pocket that holds quite a bit of the included maintenance gear like grease, cleaning rod and wiping cloth.

If you like what you have read and would like some additional information about the Mendini by Cecilio MFE_JN+SD+PB Flute. Just click here and you will see more information about the flute.

Mendini by Cecilio MFE_JN+SD+PB Flute