Mattia Cupelli Soars To New Heights On Skies Within

Music is a journey, both for the performer or composer as well as for the audience. Each composer presents their unique storytelling style in their own way. For young composer Mattia Cupelli, symphonic storytelling rises and falls beautifully through Skies Within.

mattia cuppelli young composer

Labelled as a symphonic poem, Cupelli’s composition ebbs and flows similarly to moving soundtrack for a major motion picture film. Not ironic enough, his Facebook page reveals a similar take on his presentation with several movies mentioned as either inspiration or other work the artist is involved with.

Skies Within opens with a soft lead, rising to different strata of excitement and wonder before resting back down with a mysterious hint of unrest and surprise. The piece flows slowly in many places, building in stages instead of rushing to conclusion. As we reach the apex of the movement, the imagination is fueled with symphonic soaring through clouds and majesty before resting for a drift back to earth.

Cupelli’s composition is a transformative and poetic journey of imagery through symphony. It lends the listener to ignite their imagination in order that they may have as glorious an experience as they can. Recall the last soaring adventure you’ve had and recreate it with a different musical background. Rise, fall, and soar on new wings in Skies Within.


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