MasterClass Wolfgang Puck’s Cooking Lesson Online Review

MasterClass Wolfgang Puck's Cooking Lesson Review

MasterClass Wolfgang Puck's Cooking Lesson Review

Do you want to become a better cook? Meet Wolfgang Puck! The man behind Wolf gang Puck Catering and Wolfgang Puck Fine Group Dining. His name pops up at the slight mention of anything excellent about restaurants’ hospitality or the cream essentials of culinary art.

Wolfgang Puck

Wolfgang Puck

The iconic chef has a cooking lesson on Masterclass that will polish your skills and redefine all your cuisine offerings. It doesn’t matter you’re a beginner or a pro cook, Wolfgang has a treat for all chefs.

Wolfgang takes you into his kitchen to reveal his famed cooking process. He goes the whole nine yards to unleash his cooking techniques. And a dozen of recipes bound to elevate your cooking knowledge.

Besides cooking techniques, Wolfgang opens up about his career journey, which has an array of lessons to help in your cooking journey. Insights about his entrepreneurial life shower you with wisdom on the values of hard work and determination.

If you hold aspirations to start a restaurant, you’re in the right place with Wolfgang. He shares his business philosophy by highlighting the process of brand building. Take the class and learn how to overcome failures. And pick tips from his triumph stories.

MasterClass Cooking Lesson Online with Wolfgang Puck Review

Lessons Presentation and Learning Material

Wolfgang Puck cooking lesson has 16 videos which cover subjects which he deems essential for kitchen excellence. There is a range of recipes and practical sessions to help you grip all the content.

MasterClass Wolfgang Puck Class Sections

Besides the cooking videos, Wolfgang issues students with a workbook. The downloadable book contains lesson recaps, exercises, and assignments designed to keep you sharpened.

MasterClass Wolfgang Puck Workbook

You can interact, do group discussions, and talk about cooking subjects in an online student community.

If there is a topic you don’t understand, compile questions and seek answers from the instructor during office hours session.

Getting Started & Pricing

All Masterclass lessons are online. And signing up is super easy. What you need is a good internet connection, a smartphone or a PC or an Apple TV, and you’re ready to go.

You will enjoy flexibility, autonomy, and all other benefits that come with learning online.

Wolfgang Puck cooking lesson goes for only $90. If you consider the class’ comprehensiveness and the stature of the instructor, you’re set for a bargain.

Students are interested in taking lessons from other tutors part away with $180. Once subscribed, they can take as many lessons as they wish in subjects such as fashion design, music, sports, business et.c

The second payment plan is more viable and a massive boon if one cooking class won’t be adequate. It gives you access to cooking lessons from Thomas Keller, Gordon Ramsay, and Massimo Bottura.

Why Learn in Masterclass?

Since online learning became a trend, multiple e-learning sites have popped up. All the platforms boast of comprising the best features, but few hack it.

Is Masterclass any different?

First, the caliber of tutors sharing their expertize in Masterclass is a clear indicator of quality. Think of Herbie Hancock, Christina Aguilera, Paul Krugman, Anna Wintour, Stephen Curry, and now Wolfgang Puck.

None would want to taint their brand with a sub-par deal.

Second, Students praise Masterclass for comprising HD videos and building a culture of offering quality content in the lessons.

Not to forget, Masterclass’ commitment to offering over 65 plus lessons at an unparalleled rate.

Run Down of the Curriculum

What does Wolfgang Puck cover in the cooking lessons?

  • Introduction to new ingredients and using flavorings to turn around a meal
  • Recommended cooking equipment and appliances for a great kitchen
MasterClass Wolfgang Puck Groundwork
  • Using and roasting carrots for a delectable dish
  • Wolfgang’s recipe for oatmeal-Risotto and mushroom cleaning
MasterClass Wolfgang Puck Inventive Grain and Vegetable Dishes
  • Selecting ingredients, pairing flavors and colors for a perfect Tuna Shasimi dish
  • Ma Maison (Wolfgang Puck’s restaurant) chicken making recipe and process
MasterClass Wolfgang Puck Wolfgang Puck Originals
  • The how and importance of roasting stock for a favorable Demi-Glace
  • Steak searing and the art of turning Demi-glace into a red wine sauce
  • Identifying fresh fish, perfect seasoning and incorporating herbs
MasterClass Wolfgang Puck Palate-Pleasing Classics
  • Wolfgang’s cocktail making process
MasterClass Wolfgang Puck Chef-Driven Cocktails
  • Topics covering his career journey, struggles, and triumphs
MasterClass Wolfgang Puck Wisdom

Why Take the Class

Some minute details draw the line between a standard meal and a great dish. Wolfgang brings in new ideas to take your cooking a step further. And he impacts you with the artistry to make your dishes unique.

Regardless of your cooking knowledge, taking Wolfgang Puck cooking lessons will add a few tricks to your culinary art. Besides, anyone would wish to know the secrets behind Wolfgang’s process and success.

The lesson is a complete package for any chef. Wolfgang covers adequate recipes and tricks that can change a cook’s career or add happiness to any family. More business lessons and exploring his career provide learners with a comprehensive expectations outlook.

Also, Wolfgang knows the ins and outs of cooking and the hospitality industry. With his experience, you can expect lessons on what works in the cooking sphere and the no-go zones.

Anyone lost or giving up on the cooking career can expect their perspective to change. Wolfgang’s class serves as an inspiration to struggling chefs and cooks at the cusp of quitting.


  • Elite tutor
  • Online learning which allows for independence
  • A friendly and easy to use the e-learning platform
  • Comprehensive learning material and quality graphics
  • An all-access plan gives you reach to over 65 lessons
  • Affordable
  • Unique cooking recipes all unique to Wolfgang’s cooking techniques


While anyone can learn from Wolfgang, some top-class chefs might find the lessons inadequate for their experience. But life lessons from Wolfgang and a covering of his career define the class as a must take for everyone.

Students also require extreme levels of discipline and consistency to complete the course. The class is online, so getting distracted or losing commitment is possible.


Cooking is a skill that you must continue learning to know more things and trends in the industry. Innovative chefs come with new recipes, which you can only know about if learning is your thing.

We recommend anyone to take the class, to add more cooking skills, access the recipes and the tips shared by the Master chef.


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