MasterClass Will Wright’s Game Design and Theory Lesson Online Review

MasterClass Will Wright Game Design and Theory Lesson Review

MasterClass Will Wright Game Design and Theory Lesson Review

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There are many careers you can pursue, but game design is one field that tests the limits of your creativity and sets you for top earnings.

If you're contemplating pursuing the career, or already in the deep end, you can take a lesson on Masterclass from Will Wright.

Will Wright

Will Wright

Will Wright, renown for creating Sims, reveals his process and strategy to design exciting games that build players' creativity. His lessons cover game design fundamentals, prototyping, game mechanics, iteration, and system design, among other subjects.

The strategies and methods covered in the lesson are not content you will find around. They are topics Will has learned over the years as a game developer. Taking the lesson, therefore, freshens you with new concepts and techniques that will help you create imaginative games.

As a tutor, Will Wright has a profile many elite teachers can only dream of. He has been in the video game design scene for over four decades. His simulations and imaginative concepts have earned him fame as one of the best game developers.

MasterClass Will Wright Instructor

Taking the class licenses you to absorb all the unique tips he has to offer and gives you a new perspective into game design. Better, you're certain the lessons meet the grade and derive from proven approaches.

MasterClass Game Design and Theory Lesson Online with Will Wright Review

What the Class Entails

Will Wright game design and theory lesson can only be taken on Masterclass. This is an e-learning platform that has earned its reputation for offering quality and comprising skilled tutors.

Top professionals have collaborated with Masterclass to share their expertise with upcoming generations.

Some top names with lessons under the platform include Paul Krugman, Anna Wintour, Chris Hadfield, Herbie Hancock, Christina Aguilera, and Serena Williams.

Having tutors of high caliber has set Masterclass apart, for it can offer unique lessons and content. Unlike other schools that follow a standard curriculum, instructors in Masterclass develop their own courses.

While many online lessons hang because of bugs, Masterclass prevails with its smooth flowing videos and clean audios.

Getting Started

Anyone can join Masterclass after paying a single class or an all-access fee. Minors intending to take the course can get gift subscriptions from sponsors or guardians.

All Masterclass lessons come at a bargain. The single access pass allows you to take Will Wright's game design lesson at $ 90. Meanwhile, the all-access plan warrants access to all the lessons on the platform at $ 180.

For learners intending to pursue more than one lesson, the all-access plan comes as a massive boon. Taking more than two lessons saves you $ 90 for each class.

A 100% satisfaction guarantee and a 30-day money-back guarantee is proof Masterclass commits to offer the best quality and value for money in the market.

Will Wright Game Design and Theory Lesson Presentation

Will offers his game design lesson in a series of 21 videos. The videos take you through the curriculum and are a must-take if you want full comprehension of the class.

The videos are rewindable and can be forwarded or paused. Meaning, you can not miss a topic, and you can repeat the tough sections as many times as possible.

MasterClass Will Wright Class Sections

Apart from the videos, the lesson has a workbook from Will. The book has a game design doc template to help students through their coursework, and notes from Will.

MasterClass Will Wright Workbook

With the lesson being online, students experience the ultimate freedom and convenience while studying. Plus, the class is accessible from a smartphone, desktop, or Apple TV.

Another benefit of taking the lesson is it doesn't limit your movement or interfere with your schedule. You can travel and still take lessons at your preferred pace and time.

Not to forget, office hours, and a student community that allows interactions and questions. You can sample a range of questions troubling you, send them to the tutor, and expect complete feedback during office hours.

A chatting thread or a student community below the videos lets you share lesson experiences with learners from varying cultures. This section of the lesson has become famous for allowing students access to differing perspectives and ideas.


Will Wright breaks down 20 game design lessons into sub-topics covering distinct concepts.

Here are some of the topics in the lesson.

  • Understanding what inspired Will to develop Sim and how to back your ideas with research.
  • Prototyping types and having fun in the game development process
MasterClass Will Wright Getting Started in Developing a Game
  • Will's game development approach and incorporating psychology for compelling games
  • Linking stories in a game
  • Learning from failure in game design and how to keep games entertaining from start to end
MasterClass Will Wright Understanding Player Mind
  • Creating your game language and game rules
  • Developing your own visual aesthetic for outstanding game designs
  • Identify and choose the right game mechanics
  • Using sound and music to expand your imagination and change a game's emotional feel
  • Things to consider when choosing a game's platform
MasterClass Will Wright Designing the Game
  • Will's scooping and iterating technique
  • Understand the prototypes used in developing the upcoming Proxi
  • Using playtesting to determining your audience
  • Will's system design tips
MasterClass Will Wright Iterative Process
  • The gaming market and the future outlook of the industry
MasterClass Will Wright Career in Game Design


Any game designer will want to learn from the best. Will Wright fills the bill for the game design class because of his experience and success in the industry.

The uniqueness of the curriculum and subjects not only educate on gaming but also provide insights that are rare to come across.

Also, the lesson runs on MasterClass, which has the perfect qualities for a gaming learning environment.

Other benefits of the lesson include its fair pricing, student community, office hours, and the chance to take over 65 lessons through the all-access plan.


Despite the uniqueness of the lesson, it can not replace a standard game development curriculum. It, however, provides insights that are useful across the board.

The class also comes online, and it might require extreme attention and revisions before the concepts stick.


Earnings potential aside, game development is a fulfilling career, for it allows you to use your talents to entertain. The lessons inspire you to go full force into gaming, and it also furnishes you with tips that have been tried and tested.

For an aspiring game developer, the class is an eye-opener as it reveals a pathway to game development. The lesson also provides insights that sharpen students' leadership skills and gives hints on the future of gaming.

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