MasterClass Werner Herzog’s Filmmaking Lesson Online Review

MasterClass Werner Herzog's Filmmaking Lesson Review

MasterClass Werner Herzog's Filmmaking Lesson Review

For years accessing film making knowledge has been a daunting prospect. To become a filmmaker, one had to pay top dollar in a reputable film making school. Yet, that did not guarantee a smooth flow into the industry. Many learners faltered at the sight of challenges prevalent in the industry.

Thanks to Masterclass, students can now access a range of affordable lessons in topics covering cooking to business subjects. Cream professionals joined the platform to offer their expertise. In filmmaking, Jodie Foster, Mira Nair, David Lynch, Spike Lee, and the legendary Werner Herzog jumped on the bandwagon.

Talking of Werner Herzog, he ranks as one of the most successful self-taught filmmakers. At 19, he had created his first film. And he lives as a model to filmmakers eager to make it without the expensive schooling.

Werner Herzog

Werner Herzog

To quote Werner Herzog, he says, “You can learn film making on your own within two weeks.” No need to attend the expensive filmmaking schools. For his experience, trust him.

Again, you can access all of his wisdom, insights, and tips in an exclusive filmmaking lesson on Masterclass. Yes! The master of filmmaking and maker of your favorite films takes on the podium to reveal his extensive knowledge in filmmaking.

What is the most significant difference between Werner Herzog’s filmmaking lesson with other courses?

Werner Herzog teaches out of passion and states his desire to pass on his artistry to future filmmakers and directors. It is a great privilege to come face to face with an instructor who has forged his pathway in the industry.

Werner Herzog brings in experience not accessible in any filmmaking school. Taking the lesson provides you with insights into scriptwriting, identifying unique filming locations, and relating with other industry professionals.

Besides, Werner covers subjects that will help you face field battles, negotiate your way through the field and finance your films.

MasterClass Filmmaking Lesson Online with Werner Herzog Review

How to Access the Class and What it Involves

Werner Herzog filmmaking class comprises 26 video lessons and a 37-page workbook. The videos cover all facets of filmmaking subjects from the value of films to making it in the industry.

MasterClass Werner Herzog Class Section

The workbook mentioned above is your guide in filmmaking. Werner filled it to the roof with notes, lesson recaps, and assignments. With the book in your hands, you can revisit many subjects and refresh your skillset with the notes.

MasterClass Werner Herzog Workbook

You cannot access Werner and his lessons anywhere else as the class are 100% exclusive to Masterclass subscribers.

Subscribing to the class requires signing up for the Masterclass platform, choosing the course, and making a small payment. With reliable internet, you can take the class from anywhere using your phone, desktop, or Apple TV.

No problem if you’re traveling or in a fixed schedule. Masterclass lessons are rewindable and accessible at your own pace regardless of time limitations.

What is Masterclass?

In the current age, choosing an e-learning platform is a prerequisite for learners. You must take into account the tutors, lessons’ quality and usability features.

Masterclass is a leading e-learning solution, determined to offer quality courses, fit for modern industry demands.

More, it embraces asynchronous learning. Sessions are pre-recorded and made available to students as long as they are members.

Videos load faster and are of HD quality, while audibility is also top-notch. Masterclass also shoots ahead of rivaling platforms with content quality and it’s an easy-to-use interface.

All Masterclass lessons comprise a student community, office hours, a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

The students’ community enables interaction and discussion on the subject at hand. Meanwhile, the office hours are a session designed to allow engagement between students and the instructor.

Lesson Pricing

Film lessons are pricey whether they comprise a competent instructor. Surprisingly, Werner Herzog’s course has pricing plans within everyone’s’ reach.

The first payment plan allows taking only Werner Herzog’s lesson at $90. The price is fair considering the platform’s features, lessons’ quality, and the tutors’ profile.

You also have a better pricing deal, which allows you to take lessons from over 65 Masterclass instructors and access a gift package.

The package goes for $180. If you’re a savings enthusiast, you will quickly spot the $360 accrued if a student takes five lessons.

Again, you can pay the $180 fee for your friend or child in an exclusive gift package. The offer allows you to book classes on behalf of other people.


Brace yourself for a journey in filmmaking with Werner Herzog as he courses you through the essentials for becoming a cinema “soldier.”

What will you cover in the curriculum?

  • Deconstructing film scenes to understand the value of film analysis
  • Importance of reading for film making and a compulsory reading list from the instructor
  • How to draw from poetry and Beethoven for quality scripts
MasterClass Werner Herzog Finding Story
  • Tips to finance your first film
  • Protecting your brand and stories
MasterClass Werner Herzog Working With a Small Budget
  • Being a leader during casting to inspire crew members
  • Filming rules for all filmmakers
MasterClass Werner Herzog Leading the Platoon
  • Using the camera for the best shots, and the rules of cinematography
MasterClass Werner Herzog Directing the Camera
  • Understanding documentaries
MasterClass Werner Herzog Documentary Techniques
  • Setting a career strategy
  • Overcoming rejection and doubt in your film career and more
MasterClass Werner Herzog Life as a Filmmaker


  • Comprehensive filming lesson stationed in an impeccable e-learning site
  • Best and experienced instructor in Werner Herzog
  • Understandable and straightforward presentations from Werner Herzog
  • Affordable classes coupled with access to A-listed legends teaching in your industry
  • A secure and private lesson
  • Students benefits including a students community and office hours


Werner Herzog’s course is purely online and will require exceptional commitment from students if they will complete the curriculum.

Some videos might not be downloadable. However, the subscription allows unlimited access to all the learning material.


Taking the lesson gives you the confidence and the willpower to immerse yourself fully into filming. Werner gives you tips to build the right attitude and mental strength to withstand all probable challenges in the industry.

If you’re looking for an experienced instructor with an all-round knowledge of film production, you have a solid choice in Werner. Actors, authors, screenwriters, and directors can pick insights from Werner Herzog.


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