MasterClass Timbaland’s Producing and Beatmaking Lesson Online Review

MasterClass Timbaland Producing and Beatmaking Lesson Review

MasterClass Timbaland Producing and Beatmaking Lesson Review

If you hold a dream in music production and beat making, you can now learn the art of producing elite hits. Timbaland, an expert music producer, and beatmaker have a lesson in the Masterclass to actualize your dreams.

The Grammy award-winning producer provides all the tools essential for producing iconic tracks in the caliber of Beyonce, Justin Timberlake, Jay Z, and Missy Elliot songs. Having amassed experience as a hip-hop musician, he possesses all the knowledge of what creating superb hits entails.

MasterClass Timbaland Instructor

The lesson breaks down the tricks and strategies of linking up with vocalists, conceptualizing new tracks’ beats, and creating stimulating hits. Regardless of your stature as a producer, there are unique beat making techniques to learn from the virtuoso producer.

Timbaland doesn’t leave you in suspense but delves further into the production industry to reveal the key traits essential for a top-drawer production career. From the class, you’ll learn the value of dedication and resilience in the entertainment industry. Plus, Timbaland’s approach to production and the traits that have marked him as a sought-out beatmaker.

Subscribe for the class, and learn step-by-step how Timbaland produced the greatest hits like “Are You That Anyone” by Aaliyah and “Dirt Off Your Shoulders” by Jay Z. Besides, Timbaland shows from scratch the making of several songs to allow grabbing of all the essential steps to immaculate productions.

About Timbaland

Timbaland has worked in many roles as a producer and musician. As a producer, he has made elite tracks that continue to rock the entertainment industry. Some of his top works include “Cry Me a River” from Justin Timberlake, Missy Elliot’s “Supa Dupa Fly” album and Aaliyah’s “One in a Million” album and more.

The virtuoso producer’s works are always topnotch and continue to win him fans and awards. He has mentored multiple musicians and producers in his career, thus excellent for an educator.

MasterClass Producing and Beatmaking Lesson Online with Timbaland Review

About the Lesson, Pricing, and Curriculum

With 15 in-depth videos, Timbaland breaks down beatmaking entirely. The videos take you through using the voice and simple sounds to produce beats to improvisation to complex beat making. They cover a large section of the lesson but also come with a downloadable workbook, a students’ community, and an office hour from the tutor.

MasterClass Timbaland Class Sections

The book contains additional learning material in the form of guides, lesson recaps, assignments, and exercises. Meaning you can always revise, retrain, or reference until you reach elite producing status. The tutor also included two new songs production outlines and stems to help you create new beats.

MasterClass Timbaland Workbook

The student’s community allows you to interact with other students, discuss lesson materials, and share beat-making insights. The community is one of the most loved aspects of Masterclass for how it allows students to pick new ideas and motivation from each other.

If you take the lesson, you’ll learn online on Masterclass. The e-learning platform stands as the leading online school. It has first-rate videos, audios, and it’s easy to use, thus the best.

By now, you know learning online comes with unlimited freedom, convenience, and access to tutors from around the world. In Masterclass, you’ll access tutors like Serena Williams, Margaret Atwood, Neil Gaiman, Annie Leibovitz, Aaron Franklin, and more.

The class goes for $90. The fee allows you exclusive access to all learning material and tutor access. Masterclass also gives you the option of paying $180 to access the beatmaking class and other masterclass courses. You can take over 60 courses in subjects like writing, cooking, gymnastics, BBQ, acting, magic, and more.

Besides, all Masterclass lessons come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a 30-day money-back guarantee. Masterclass embraces stellar customer service, thus you’re confident of accessing only quality courses and rich content.

The Curriculum

Timbaland’s lesson takes you through his complete beatmaking process. The course expounds on beat concepts, beat development, and track finalization. Here are some subjects covered in the curriculum.

  • Using your voice to produce a complete track
  • Building a song using beatbox
  • Timbaland’s sound selection process
MasterClass Timbaland Building Beats
  • How to collaborate with a music production team
  • Using chord progression to develop complex songs
  • Audio engineering
MasterClass Timbaland Beat Making
  • Selecting unique beats to make compelling sounds
  • Creative use of effects and plug-ins
MasterClass Timbaland Behind the Hits

Why Take Timbaland’s Producing and Beatmaking Class

There are many productions and beat-making classes online, but none entail a complete tutor like Timbaland. Timbaland thrives with his singing, songwriting, producing, rapping, and deejaying ability. Thus, he possesses a vast knowledge of music vital for any producer.

With tremendous experience in music production, Timbaland possesses multiple success tools. Taking the course gives you access to a production blueprint containing elite tricks from Timbaland. The tips cover all stages of a producer’s journey.

The class comprises demos and elaboration of Timbaland’s production journey. The beauty of it all, all practicing songs are Timbaland’s platinum works. You’re, therefore, sure you’re dealing with a credible tutor, and the content is class.

Timbaland uses an approach so exciting and understandable. With examples and demos to take you deep into beatmaking, you’re positive about absorbing all the strategies shared in the class.

Apart from beatmaking, you will also mature characterwise as a producer and stock up music business skills. Timbaland’s class builds your mental strength and enlightens on the art of turning standard songs into masterpieces.


  • Elite tutor in Timbaland
  • Cream of the crop e-learning platform
  • Guaranteed support from the customer service team
  • Affordable
  • Exceptional videos, graphics, and audios
  • Lifetime access to the platform
  • Access to many other lessons with an all-access pass
  • Comprehensive and understandable content


No free trial but you have a 30-day money-back guarantee


Timbaland’s producing and the beat-making lesson is a course any producer can take. The class has a pack full of enlightening music and beat-making information to take you to the next level.

It is also the only producing class containing a tutor of Timbaland’s magnitude. The tutor’s presentation styles and energy are incomparable and his teaching approach on another level.


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