MasterClass Thomas Keller’s Cooking Techniques ll: Meats, Stocks, and Sauces Lesson Online Review

MasterClass Thomas Keller Cooking Techniques ll Meats Stocks and Sauces Lesson Review

MasterClass Thomas Keller Cooking Techniques ll Meats Stocks and Sauces Lesson Review

Cooking is a journey; you never possess adequate skills to stop learning. The further you immerse yourself into cooking techniques, the more cuisines, and list of styles you encounter. Thomas Keller understands the exploring side of cooking, the need to refresh and add new cooking tricks.

The Michelin star chef returns to Masterclass to reveal new cooking techniques and expound on his previous lessons’ foundation. This time he focuses on cooking meat, sauces, and stocks.

MasterClass Thomas Keller Instructor

The lesson teaches the essentials of cooking, educates you on the best meat grades and cuts to help you make meals for any occasion. You’ll learn what the best meat entails and meat handling techniques before cooking.

Students also go through multiple cooking techniques. Keller covers essential tactics in the oven roasting, pan roasting, braising, and grilling topics. The lesson impacts you with skills that boost your confidence and enhance your precision. After the class, you can make signature fried chicken and a range of meat dishes.

Chef Keller shows you all the secrets, tips, and strategies of touching hearts with delectable meat menus. He unleashes elite standards only witnessed in first-rate restaurants.

About Thomas Keller

Chef Thomas Keller

Chef Thomas Keller

Thomas Keller learned cooking from his mother, who employed him in her restaurant. He later apprenticed under a French-born chef who taught him French cooking. Afterward, Keller went to New York and then Paris to learn under top chefs in Michelin restaurants.

Keller’s first restaurant, the French Laundry, opened from a converted steam laundry after years of raising funds.

The French laundry became hugely successful in winning awards and positive magazine reviews. Keller won the James Beard Foundation award, and the restaurant earned three Michelin stars and five Mobil Guide stars.

Other awards include Best California Chef in 1996 plus Best Chef in America (1997).

MasterClass Cooking Techniques ll: Meats, Stocks, and Sauces Lesson Online with Thomas Keller Review

Where to Take the Class, Course Content and Curriculum

The class is exclusive to Masterclass students. Masterclass is a renowned online learning platform popular with industry experts in multiple fields. The platform hosts top names like Serena Williams, Simone Biles, Timbaland, Christina Aguilera, Gordon Ramsay, and more.

You can take lessons from all Masterclass teachers with an all-access plan that goes for $180. The fee, payable annually, allows you to choose lessons fitting your career or interests. You can take lessons in cooking Italian food, BBQ, baking, and home cooking.

If you want to take one lesson, the class will cost $90. The fee is payable once and gives you access to one tutor and one course.

So, it’s obvious, taking the all-access plan is a better option, for it gives you more freedom and a chance to widen your knowledge. Also, you can buy the class as a gift.

The class comprises 22 videos, though two of them cover the introduction and conclusion. You will like the videos for their quality. They are vivid, load fast, and are smooth to the end.

MasterClass Thomas Keller Class Sections

The videos cover the core curriculum while there is also a workbook accompanying them. The book contains recipes, notes, and insights that lack in the video. It also serves as your primary reference tool essential whenever any details skip your mind.

MasterClass Thomas Keller Workbook


Thomas Keller’s cooking techniques lesson focuses on recipes, cooking guides, and meal preparation techniques. It is only in the last chapter where Keller veers of cooking topics.

Checkout, the breakdown of the curriculum for a comprehensive understanding of the class;

  • Exploring meat grades and different cuts of pork, beef, and poultry
  • Paillard technique and pounding proteins for a thin cut plus executing a quick sauté
  • Using veal turnaround and tips for a perfect breading and seasoning
  • Breaking down and frying a chicken to perfection
  • Oven calibration and value of regulating temperature when making proteins
  • Pan roasting tips for duck breast and making honey-orange gastrique sauce
MasterClass Thomas Keller Cooking With Meat 1
  • Pot roasting a chicken with vegetables
  • Rib roasting, braising and marinating
  • Protein grilling techniques including choosing the right fuel
MasterClass Thomas Keller Cooking With Meat 2
  • Stock making fundamentals and their applications
  • Using a pressure cooker for perfect meals
  • Sauce making techniques; sauce chasseur, vinaigrette, sauce Vierge and more
MasterClass Thomas Keller Stocks and Sauces

Why Learn from Thomas Keller

Chef Keller is a tutor that will open your eyes and take you from mediocrity to making top-class dishes. He has the experience, plus he stands as the first American to own a chain of Michelin star restaurants. Meaning he understands standards and the vital elements necessary for great cooking and mentorship.

More, he is a dedicated educator, ever committed to sharing his skills and what he knows. His five cooking books are proof he wants to mentor as many people as possible. Plus, show career chefs the route to success.

Keller loves a practical approach to lessons’ presentation. He elaborates on every sphere of meat cooking subtly.

You’ll understand every part of his cooking process, ingredients’ application, and sauce making.

Chef Keller is also honest. He doesn’t beat around the bush or promise heavens with the cooking lesson. Instead, Keller tells you how patience will be crucial in the cooking journey. He also reiterates the value of practicing to excel in cooking.

The cooking techniques lesson is a class anyone should take. You can apply the tips in any sphere or setting. Experienced chefs also have a lot to learn from the award-winning chef.


  • Elite tutor
  • An all-access plan gives you access to multiple classes
  • Secure and easy to use learning platform
  • In-depth learning materials
  • Easy to plan lessons as you’ll be an online student
  • Unlimited access and use of learning material
  • Credible 100% satisfaction guarantee and a 30-day money-back guarantee offered to enhance customer service and trust


The cooking lesson has only 22 videos, which are few compared to other Masterclass courses. Thomas Keller circumvents the challenge by avoiding the fluff and being straight to the point.


Taking Thomas Keller Cooking Techniques lesson is a no-brainer. If you love cooking, it’s a chance to upgrade your skills to Michelin restaurant standards. The topics reveal unique tips you can’t find in any other course.

The cost of the class is also friendly. It is hard landing a tutor possessing Keller’s experience, knowledge, and ethics at a price from any online or off-line school.


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