MasterClass Thomas Keller’s Cooking Techniques Lesson Online Review

MasterClass Thomas Keller Cooking Techniques Lesson Review

MasterClass Thomas Keller Cooking Techniques Lesson Review

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Eating is a necessity in life. It is impossible to survive for long without taking something to fill your tummy. You can eat some foods raw. Others you must cook well to enjoy the sensation that fills your taste buds.

Vegetables, eggs, and pasta require special skills to cook well. A bit of artistry is necessary too. Some chefs are great at preparing sumptuous meals that leave you licking your fingers and lips. The time you spend in their presence prepares you to cook awesome meals too.

You learn a lot the moment you improve your cooking abilities. One, you understand world cultures better. Two, you are able to infuse different techniques, customs, and flavors into your cooking. Three, cooking is a fun and adventurous activity too.

Most people have one cooking style that they rely on for all meals. It might be worthwhile to try a few different options at times, though. You can only practice the new skills that you have learned and acquired.

As you learn to cook, you find a new way and power of connecting with your loved ones. The skills you get the help you to save money too. When your skills improve, you take less time to prepare even the most complex meals.

The Thomas Keller Cooking Techniques Lesson on MasterClass equips you with wonderful cooking skills. At the end of it, you might not be ready to cook at five-star restaurants. The education you obtain should help you to impress your friends and loved ones, though.

Why the Thomas Keller Cooking Techniques Lesson on MasterClass

Thomas Keller stands out as one of the world’s most successful chefs. He has excelled at different techniques. Some of the foods he prepares with exceptional dexterity include eggs, vegetables, and kinds of pasta.

Thomas Keller

Thomas Keller

This American chef and restaurateur stand out for many reasons. He has written several best-seller cookbooks. These include Ad Hoc at Home, Bouchon Bakery, and Under Pressure. The American offers several powerful anecdotes in all these books.

His restaurants have been the recipients of multiple awards. The James Beard Foundation has recognized the establishments by awarding them the Best California Chef in 1996. In 1997, the Foundation also rewarded him with the Best Chef in America gong.

MasterClass Thomas Keller Instructor

Each year the Restaurant Magazine publishes the Top 50 Restaurants in the World. His restaurant, Napa Valley, features in this list every time. That goes to show the kind of standards that Keller has defined for his restaurants and team of talented staff.

MasterClass Cooking Techniques Lesson Online with Thomas Keller Review

What the class entails

The Thomas Keller Cooking Techniques Lesson on MasterClass is rich in content. In it, Keller teaches the most outrageous techniques for preparing pasta from scratch. Students also see how he makes vegetables and eggs.

Pasta, eggs, and vegetables need a bit of panache to cook and transform into delicious meals. They don’t need to be boring. Thomas Keller, through his MasterClass, opens up and shares incredible lessons he has learned in life.

He divides the class up into 36 lessons that last 12 minutes each. The restaurateur teaches the classes online in videos. He is as candid as possible in delivering masterpieces that transform eggs, veggies, and pasta from ordinary to mouthwatering delicacies.

MasterClass Thomas Keller Class Sections


Thomas Keller Cooking Techniques Lesson on MasterClass has a curriculum. Keller organizes his lessons based on this curriculum. He believes this is the best strategy for delivering powerful lessons and content to his captive audience. The curriculum includes the following:

  • Essential tools you need in the kitchen before you start to cook
  • Key ingredients needed to enhance and improve the flavor of any meal
  • Types of cookware you need for each dish
  • How to source for local, organic, and sustainable ingredients for your meals
MasterClass Thomas Keller Kitchen Setup
  • How and why vegetables inspire Chef Keller
  • How to blanch veggies
  • How to glaze carrots to present their natural sweetness
  • Tips for refining tomatoes for salads, sandwiches, and sauces
  • How to prepare artichokes through patience and plenty of practice
  • Difference between French potato puree and mashed potatoes
MasterClass Thomas Keller Vegetables Cooking Techniques 1
  • Pickling vegetables to capture their seasonal flavors
  • How to puree parsnips
  • Tips for confitting eggplants
  • Roasting zucchini to enhance their flavor
  • Tips for baking beets to stop adulterating their flavor
MasterClass Thomas Keller Vegetables Cooking Techniques 2
  • Why Chef Keller loves eggs
  • How Chef Keller makes mayonnaise
  • How to make Chef Keller’s special Hollandaise sauce
  • Tips for making traditional vanilla crème anglaise
  • The art of making meringue
MasterClass Thomas Keller Eggs Cooking Techniques 1
  • Different ways of boiling eggs
  • Techniques for scrambling eggs
  • How to poach eggs to prepare classic and satisfying dishes
  • How to transform your breakfast with omelet
MasterClass Thomas Keller Eggs Cooking Techniques 2
  • Introduction to pasta
  • How to raise pasta dough
  • The perfect technique for making pasta for trapping sauces in pockets
  • Tips for making amazing meals with agnolotti
  • Amazing ways of making two impossible pasta shapes
MasterClass Thomas Keller Pasta Cooking Techniques 1
  • Refined techniques for preparing spaghetti Aglio e olio
  • Chef Keller’s tips for preparing fettuccine and linguine
  • Tips for making potato gnocchi
  • Chef Keller’s technique for gnocchi with Pomodoro
MasterClass Thomas Keller Pasta Cooking Techniques 2
  • Chef Keller’s six critical principles for success
  • Chef Keller’s philosophy of using food to nurture your loved ones
MasterClass Thomas Keller Succeeding in the Kitchen


Thomas Keller Cooking Techniques Lesson on MasterClass is full of many benefits. It dives into the principles, philosophies, ethics, and techniques that make Chef Keller one of the world’s best. The training arms you with the knowledge you need to love cooking different meals.

Each class runs for around 12 minutes. A single class costs you $90. MasterClass charges $180 for an All Access class with a 50 percent discount to boot. Other than affordability, the class also stands out for the quality of content.

Moreover, Chef Keller has arranged his entire MasterClass in 36 videos or lessons. You can learn everything from him in a day. Nothing hinders you from studying at your convenience too since the class is online and on videos.


Thomas Keller is a gifted chef and restaurateur. His wisdom is one for the ages. Usually, MasterClass lessons come in a few videos. The 36 videos or lessons that his curriculum is divided into makes his class one of the longest on MasterClass.


Are you ready and willing to learn to cook pasta, eggs, and vegetables like a professional? Register for the Thomas Keller Cooking Techniques Lesson on MasterClass today. You will learn from the best in this field. The $90 you pay for the course is money well spent too.

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