MasterClass Thomas Keller’s Cooking Techniques III: Seafood, Sous Vide, and Desserts Lesson Online Review

MasterClass Thomas Keller's Cooking Techniques III Seafood, Sous Vide, and Desserts Lesson Review

MasterClass Thomas Keller's Cooking Techniques III Seafood, Sous Vide, and Desserts Lesson Review

If you have always wanted to take cooking classes but find yourself too occupied to make time to attend them in person, then you would benefit greatly from taking an online cooking course. An online cooking course can be the perfect way to elevate your skills and techniques in the comfort of your own kitchen. And you can do it in your pajamas to boot!

There are many options you can choose from today. However, if you want to learn from the best of the best in the world, then the best place to do it would be through the Masterclass platform. Masterclass gives you access to lessons created by numerous world-renowned celebrities. So if you are keen on getting started, you should seriously check out Thomas Keller’s cooking techniques lesson on Masterclass. If you are not sure whether this class is for you, here is a detailed review so that you can make an informed decision.

What is Masterclass?

Masterclass is one of the most recognizable education platforms available today. A broad range of creative courses can be found on Masterclass such as photography, creative writing, film, cooking and more. Although other such platforms offer such courses, Masterclass easily stands out from all of them for a few reasons.

Its biggest selling point is that it gives learners access to some of the world’s greatest minds. Masterclass has created a platform that allows distinguished professionals to create courses that share the secrets to their success. Through Masterclass, learners can now look deeper into their idol’s tricks and techniques so that they can then apply these lessons in their own crafts.

Who is Thomas Keller?

Chef Thomas Keller

Chef Thomas Keller

Chef Thomas Keller has spent a huge portion of his career producing some of the highest standards in the culinary industry. As one of the most celebrated chefs of our time, Keller believes that all cooks need to be emotionally connected to their food to produce great results. Keller is one of the most distinguished chefs in the world boasting of some of the highest honors anyone in his industry can ever attain.

MasterClass Thomas Keller Instructor

For instance, Keller stands the 1st and only American-born chef to be awarded several three-star ratings from the esteemed Michelin Guide. He is also first in the line among American chefs to be elected a Chevalier of The French Legion of Honor, which is today’s France’s highest decoration. Keller runs several successful restaurants that include the legendary Californian and Napa The French Laundry, as well as the Bouchon Bakery.

MasterClass Cooking Techniques III: Seafood, Sous Vide, and Desserts Lesson Online with Thomas Keller Review

What the MasterClass entails

Keller’s Masterclass is one of the most comprehensive lessons you can take on cooking techniques. As Keller states, if you have not mastered technique then it would be impossible to execute a recipe to perfection. All the techniques and procedures discussed by Keller in his lessons are actually employed in his restaurants. All manner of techniques is discussed in this class from how to handle kitchen knives and other vital utensils to discussing the science of cooking.

The entire course is made up of a total of 36 lessons with each one covering various cooking techniques.

MasterClass Thomas Keller Class Sections


What is included in the course is how to cook various seafood dishes, fundamentals of sous vide techniques and classic desserts making.

  • How to make sautéed salmon with spinach
  • Pommes château cooking
  • Preparing monkfish tail
MasterClass Thomas Keller Seafood Cooking 1
  • Baking salt crust branzino
  • French famous dishes: butter-poached lobster with macaroni and cheese
  • Shrimp scampi by oven roasting
  • Lobster Boil
MasterClass Thomas Keller Seafood Cooking 2
  • Cornerstone of sous vide techniques
MasterClass Thomas Keller Sous Vide Techniques
  • Desserts making
MasterClass Thomas Keller Desserts

What the MasterClass payment entails

There are 2 ways that you can pay for this course:

  • Pay $90 for the individual class by Keller. This fee will give you access to Keller’s class and all the accompanying material included in the course for a lifetime.
  • If you want to experience more than just one class, you can pay $180 per year for the All-Access Pass which will give you free rein.


  • You get to learn from one of the best chefs the world has ever seen. For this caliber of one on one training, the price is extremely affordable for even the smallest budget.
  • The quality of the videos is supreme, which ensures that you do not miss a thing
  • Students enjoy a comprehensive class workbook as well as downloadable PDF lessons for offline reading
MasterClass Thomas Keller Workbook
  • Masterclass has included a feature titled office hours that allows students to ask Keller questions directly and he will respond via video.


  • You do not get certification after you complete the course


This lesson on Masterclass is the only time that Keller has allowed the public to glimpse into his thought process. Keller covers a whole range of topics from sharing things that excite him in his industry to what drives him to work so hard to become the success that he is today.

It is important to note that this Masterclass, unlike others that focus mostly on the recipes, primarily focuses on technique. Therefore, if you are looking for a class that deals with recipes, you might be better of signing up for another cooking course. That being said, if you are a complete beginner, this course may be a little difficult for you to master because of the complexity of the concepts discussed.

Aside from professionals, serious home cooks will also find this course very intriguing. If you are a little inexperienced and still feel the need to try out the course, the good news is that you can always take a break in between the lessons if you find some of the ideas a bit too advanced. If you want to benefit fully from the course, you must see it through to its entirety. This means that if a class calls for making a savory sauce, you should ensure that you make the sauce taught in the class so that you can master the techniques fully. If you have always wanted to enjoy Keller’s level of success or you simply want to improve your cooking skills and techniques, this class is a must join.


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