MasterClass Steve Martin’s Comedy Lesson Online Review

MasterClass Steven Martin Comedy Lesson Review

MasterClass Steven Martin Comedy Lesson Review

Did you know you can learn how to make people laugh regardless of your personality? Yes, it doesn’t matter whether you’re an introvert, you can take comedy lessons and bolster your creativity and humor levels.

Who will teach you comedy?

Steve Martin, one of the most polished comedians of all time, writer, musician, and filmmaker, will be your instructor in Masterclass. In his comedy lesson, the world-class entertainer, reveals his comedy visualization process spanning over five decades.

MasterClass Steven Martin Instructor

Take the class to unlock your creativity, find your comedy identity, gather performing techniques and strategies sure to spur you to new heights.

“I don’t have the talent to become a comedian!” Hey, block all the negative thoughts! Steve Martin, your instructor, never thought he had any talent and became a star. Plus, he comes to share a proven blueprint anyone can use to kick-start their career.

Laughter rules the world and touches even the wickedest. Martin wants you to possess the tools to turn every environment into a place of joy and fun. For the first time, you’ll get the confidence to get into any stage and talk your mind without fear of intimidation.

Steve Martin’s comedy lesson is an all-round class. It digs deep into his comedy journey, showing you his trials and wins. You’ll learn how he overcame talent doubts by performing for cars to becoming a world-class comedian.

Why Learn from Steve Martin

There are many online comedy classes, but none has the features Masterclass can offer. You will enjoy quality graphics and visuals, well-reviewed content, and an easy-to-use-platform.

In all online classes, none has a teacher rivaling Steve Martin’s caliber. Let’s face it! Steve has seen it all in the comedy world. His accolades and awards dwarf many tutors you are likely to encounter online.

Having begun doing comedy from a young age, Steve has piled years of experience which he brings to the lesson.

Steve Martin’s comedy class has also become popular with many all-access plan students. They love the hilarious and energetic presentations Steve offers when unleashing his comedy insights.

Above all, Steve’s class suits anyone. Who doesn’t want to learn to thrill and entertain other people? The course offers a perfect opportunity for everyone to explore their creativity while having fun.

MasterClass Comedy Lesson Online with Steven Martin Review

What the Class Entails: Learning Material, Curriculum, and Pricing

Steve Martin’s comedy lesson is an online class, taken in Masterclass. So, you can study with more flexibility. And if you’re working, you can fit it with your schedule.

The class comes in pre-recorded video lessons, so no worry about attending live sessions. Instead, you learn at your pace, and you can rewind to retake any skipped courses.

Steve Martin shares his insights in 22 video lessons plus two additional videos covering his life and comedy journey. Once you start the class, you’ll get exclusive access to the videos and all other learning material.

MasterClass Steven Martin Class Sections

The lesson also comprises a class workbook packed with more insights from the comedy doyen. You’ll find lesson recaps, assignments, exercises and additional notes which you’re bound to hold on to in every step of your comedy journey.

MasterClass Steven Martin Workbook

The class comes compatible with a smartphone, Apple TV or desktop. You, therefore, can learn from anywhere as long as you have a good internet connection.

We have mentioned Masterclass multiple times, but probably you’re still clueless what it involves.

Well, Masterclass is the leading online school. And hosts the best of the best professionals in a dozen careers. The experts come to the platform to share their unique life and industry experiences.

Besides Steve Martin, you can learn from Mira Nair, Spike Lee, Ken Burns, Marc Jacobs, Jimmy Chin, Frank Gehry, Will Wright, and many more elite tutors.

From the tutors, you have a choice of lesson topics to choose from. You can learn filmmaking, beat-making, fashion design, poker, tennis, leadership, cooking, the list is endless.

The great thing about Steve Martin’s comedy class is it’s affordable despite the quality. The lesson has two paying-plans. You can pay $180 in the all-access package and get to take all Masterclass courses.

You can also pay $90, and access only Steve Martin’s class.

It’s, therefore, wiser to take the all-access plan, which allows you to learn multiple skills at a bargain price.


So, what can you expect to learn from Steve Martin’s comedy lesson? What does Steve cover in the course curriculum? Check out next

  • Getting into comedy: Learn how Steve Martin overcame lack of talent
  • How to gather comedy material from experiences, surroundings and current events
  • Ways to get audiences to laugh and analyzes of comedy structures
  • Steve’s techniques of finding your voice and directing into comedy
MasterClass Steven Martin Writing Jokes
  • Cultivating a stage persona and use it to heighten your career level
  • Pacing, timing and presentation techniques
  • Steve’s character creation techniques and process
  • Polishing your jokes to stage-worthy material
  • How to open and close acts and using the two moments to deliver a compelling performance
  • Escaping stage fright and presentation pitfalls
MasterClass Steven Martin Performing Comedy
  • Case studies exploring screenwriting
  • Steve’s editing process and using it to polish comedy material
MasterClass Steven Martin Stage and Screen
  • Overcoming failure, competition, and negative reviews
  • How to handle political correctness and vulgarity questions
  • Learn from Steve’s comedy inspirations and role models and many other subtopics
MasterClass Steven Martin Finding Place in Comedy


  • Best e-learning platform
  • Affordable lesson and the opportunity to take many classes from top-class educators.
  • Top rated and award-winning comedy teacher
  • 100% satisfaction and 30-day money-back guarantees
  • Office hours where you can ask Steve questions and get direct feedback
  • Students’ community allows you to interact with other learners, group sessions, share comedy insights and ask questions about comedy.


With the class being online, you won’t have anyone to oversee or remind you about class times. You must be organized, disciplined and committed to the lesson if you want to complete the curriculum.

Many students will expect live classes to help them stay on track. However, the Steve Martin comedy lesson is pre-recorded, so you set your studying schedule.


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