MasterClass Stephen Curry’s Shooting, Ball-Handling, and Scoring Lesson Online Review

MasterClass Stephen Curry's Shooting, Ball-Handling, and Scoring Lesson Review

MasterClass Stephen Curry's Shooting, Ball-Handling, and Scoring Lesson Review

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Anyone in the basketball scene would wish to have an iota of skills Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, or Le Bro James possess. They are legends for their talents, skill sets, and consistent performances, which even their colleagues envy.

But what if you could share a forum or learn from one of them? It will be a dream come true for many budding basketball players and tutors.

Believe it or not! The six-time NBA All-Star, Stephen Curry, has an in-depth shooting, ball handling, and scoring lesson in Masterclass.

MasterClass Stephen Curry Instructor

Stephen aims to perfect your shooting mechanics and scoring techniques. He unleashes training drills that elevate your focus, confidence, and ball handling. Pay attention, and you can refine your way to matchless skills.

Taking the class allows you to understand Steve’s playing approach, from building the right mindset to pre-game preparation.

From his insights, expect to improve your ability, decision making, and attacking skills.

Stephen reminds you of the value of practicing to perfect all the gained knowledge. No skill becomes the norm until it’s applied over and over through training sessions.

If you want to learn how to escape self-doubt and challenges, take the class. Insights delving into Stephen’s transformation carry lessons you won’t find anywhere. Also, Stephen caps the class with tips that will help you build passion, love your game. And gain the determination to push yourself to success.

About Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry needs no introduction to the basket balling world. His talent and hard work have earned him multiple awards, which include two MVPs and three NBA championships.

His style of playing and how he backs the three-point shooter has increased his popularity.

Stephen loved basketball from a young age after being introduced by his father.

Throughout his basketball career, Stephen has been a massive talent, winning awards from every corner.

MasterClass Shooting, Ball-Handling, and Scoring Lesson Online with Stephen Curry Review

What the Lesson Comprises

In 17 videos and a workbook, Stephen Curry completes unleashing the tips and strategies that will guide you in your basket balling journey.

MasterClass Stephen Curry Class Sections

Videos cover all the topics in the curriculum while the workbook comes packed with assignments, exercises, lesson recaps, and notes from Stephen Curry.

MasterClass Stephen Curry Workbook

With unlimited access to the learning material, you can always revisit, revise, and reference until you perfect every learned trick.

You can only find the lessons in Masterclass. If taken seriously, they will sharpen your skills while improving your basketball IQ and on-court concepts.

There is also a shot tracker to help trainees track positive performance. Students can keep a sheet showing their complete perfect shots and set targets to achieve better limits.

Why Masterclass?

Today, Masterclass is one of the best e-learning schools. It boasts of quality learning material presented by elite instructors.

Want to extend your games skills? Why not take classes from Daniel Negreanu, Serena Williams, Garry Kasparov, Simone Biles, or Phil Ivey?

These elite professionals teach their favorite subjects, along with Stephen Curry.

From the mentioned tutors, you can learn Poker, tennis, chess, gymnastics, and poker strategy, respectively.

Masterclass also has teachers in fashion design, cooking, beat-making, economics, business leadership, and many other subjects. It has gradually turned into a one-stop platform for learning solutions.

Lessons from Masterclass equal top-flight standards. And students have a soft spot for the platform for its user-friendly, secure and reliable

Like all Masterclass lessons, Stephen Curry’s course comes online. Meaning, you plan to study autonomously and evade all problems associated with offline learning.

The platform is compatible with smartphones, both android and iOS, desktops, and Apple TV. It is, therefore, accessible to many students.


In junior school, Stephen Curry lacked confidence, was nervous, but he held on to become an award-winning NBA star.

In 17 lessons and topics, he reveals the technique and strategy that took him to the stars. Check out a breakdown of the subjects he covers in the class;

  • Stephen’s shooting techniques and mistakes to avoid during a shooting
  • How to adopt the discipline and stick to practice sessions
  • Adopting and comprising the catch in playing mechanics
  • How combine shooting and dribbling into one move
  • How to focus and dribble excellently while on the move
MasterClass Stephen Curry Shooting
  • Dribbling with a tennis ball and 2 basketballs to improve confidence and decision making in games
MasterClass Stephen Curry Ball-Handling
  • How to trick a defender and set an open shoot
  • Tips and strategies for executing seamless ball screens
  • Finishing in the rim techniques
MasterClass Stephen Curry Scoring
  • Pre-game preparation covering aspects such as mental strength and warm-ups
  • Lifetime tips to help you reach your maximum potential
MasterClass Stephen Curry Getting Head in the Game


Stephen Curry’s shooting, ball-handling, and scoring lessons have three price offerings. The first plan, a single class plan goes for $90. The subscription allows you to take only Stephen’s lesson.

If you want to enjoy maximum Masterclass benefits, register for the all-access plan. You will take lessons from over 65 instructors at only $180.

Masterclass also offers users a chance to book the class for their friends, kids, or hubby in a gift package.

Above all, the lessons have a 30-day money-back guarantee, which is a credibility surety from Masterclass. You can book any lesson confidently, knowing your investment is safe.

Why take Stephen Curry’s Shooting, Ball-Handling, and Scoring Lesson

There is something unique with all budding basketball players. They look at the apex of the players’ lists while scouring for mentors.

Stephen Curry is currently the best basketball player in the world and fits the bill as a role model and teacher.

From youth, Stephen has been an inspirational figure, as he always brings out the best in teammates and himself. He brings all the qualities into the class to change students’ perspectives and confidence levels.

He understands the essential characters for success in the basketball industry. And he brings into the class, only the skills, techniques, and strategies that can help learners improve.

During classes, he engages in a lot of practical sessions and urges learners to embrace practicing and hard work. The sessions design allows students to absorb all insights and apply them to their real lives.

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