MasterClass Spike Lee’s Independent Filmmaking Lesson Online Review

MasterClass Spike Lee Independent Filmmaking Lesson Review

MasterClass Spike Lee Independent Filmmaking Lesson Review

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All aspiring filmmakers crave to reach the heights of the legends. It is a desire planted after watching many top-class films. But, for the lack of mentorship and the right instructors, many don't make it in the industry.

The internet age came along with many online classes that promise students access to international tutors. However, many of the schools are second-rate and add to learners' stress.

MasterClass is the only e-learning school where gurus in the industry meet to share their years of experience. Among its list of cream instructors, is the expert filmmaker, Spike Lee.

Aspiring and established filmmakers will be curious to know what Spike Lee offers in his MasterClass filmmaking lesson.

Spike Lee draws from his filmmaking success and experience to build a course that teaches his filming process. Students can expect unique insights from Spike's directing, producing, writing, and marketing approaches.

MasterClass Spike Lee Instructor

The filmmaking lesson is one of the fewest that goes on to cover all-round insights into the industry. Besides filmmaking, Spike includes his writing process, which is a bonus in the course.

Taking the lesson, not only educates but also motivates students to become independent filmmakers. Spike takes you through an experience that sparks your desire to learn, use his tools, and go deep into filmmaking.

About Spike Lee

Spike Lee

Spike Lee

Born Shelton Jackson Lee, Spike loved filming from college. He created his first film, the Last Hustle, while in college. Then, he went to pursue filming and communication studies at Clark Atlanta University and the Tisch School of the Arts.

Spike runs a filming company that has produced over 35 films. These include titles such as Malcolm X, Jungle Fever, The Original Kings of Comedy, Chi-Raq, Do the Right Thing and more.

His works have earned him multiple Academy Awards, Emmy Awards, and Peabody Awards.

MasterClass Independent Filmmaking Lesson Online with Spike Lee Review

How to Get Started in the Independent Filmmaking Lesson

Spike Lee's independent filmmaking lesson comes exclusively to MasterClass. Subscription to the platform warrants you to take the class and access many other benefits.

The entire class is online. Therefore, it is excellent for people who want to pursue filming under tight schedules or in complete autonomy.

There is no fixed timeline for the class or live sessions. The lesson comprises asynchronous videos accessible all the time after subscription. Students can pause, forward, and rewind the videos for deeper comprehension.

Once you subscribe to the platform and open the videos, you can revise without an internet connection. With a good smartphone, desktop, or Apple TV, you're good to go from anywhere at your own pace.

Lessons Presentations

In a series of 19 video lessons, Spike pours down all his experience and strategies to you and future generations. Spike teaches right from his office through case studies, storyboards, and scripts from a collection of his top works.

MasterClass Spike Lee Class Sections

On top of the videos, Spike offers additional tactics through notes in an exclusive workbook. More, the book revisits video lessons to expound on difficult topics. It also has assignments and exercises that you can take to test comprehension levels.

Students with questions on independent filmmaking, take them to the office hours. The tutor compiles all the questions and answers them in the session. Once in a while, Masterclass organizes live meetings where students interact with tutors.

Below video lessons, there is an open chatting thread designed to encourage interaction between students. Learners can group discuss lessons, share filming perspectives, and review each other's work.

There is also a workbook​ available for student to download, that recaps supplemental material, lessons, and assignments to enhance student learning purpose during the off-internet time.  

MasterClass Spike Lee Workbook

Why MasterClass

As mentioned, Spike Lee teaches his independent filming class on Masterclass.

A plethora of students will analyze a learning platform more than the tutor before paying for lessons. Thus, it is a must we shed some light on Masterclass.

For online learning buffs, MasterClass needs no introduction. It ranks highest for compiling the best instructors.

No learning platform can boast of the likes of Timbaland, Usher, Paul Krugman, Simone Biles, or Gordon Ramsay as tutors.

MasterClass has a line of these cream tutors teaching over 65 subjects. Again they allow you to take as many lessons as possible at the cost of two classes.

The video quality is also in the top end; no bugs and the smooth transitions between lessons are matchless.

Spike Lee Independent Filmmaking Lesson Pricing

In Masterclass, all lessons come moderately priced. The pricing is a strength that earned it fast traction in the market.

One lesson is accessible via the single lesson pass priced at $ 90. If you're taking Spike Lee independent filmmaking class, that is the price.

Apart from Spike's lesson, you can explore other filmmaking lessons or subjects in different industries. A payment of $ 180, in the access plan, is a pass to take over 65 lessons from different instructors.

With the fee, you can pursue scriptwriting, performance, documentary filmmaking, leadership, economics, cooking, and many other subjects.

All lessons have a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a 30-day money-back warranty. This goes to show MasterClass guarantees quality and stellar customer service.


Here are the topics you're going to take on in Spike Lee's independent filmmaking lesson.

  • Spike's blueprint to his writing process
  • How to write bold and dynamic stories that take on social justice themes
MasterClass Spike Lee Screenwriting
  • Using filmmaking to tell truths
  • Film budgeting and shooting schedules
  • Crew management
  • Case studies with lessons on film financing
MasterClass Spike Lee DIY Filmmaking
  • Tips for a successful casting process
  • How to get the best out of actors
MasterClass Spike Lee Art of Directing Actors
  • Successful collaboration with a photography director
  • Camera angles and techniques of using them to bring out the best in scenes
MasterClass Spike Lee Visual Storytelling
  • Editing skill
  • Adding drama to scenes with music
MasterClass Spike Lee Post-Production
  • How to handle true stories
MasterClass Spike Lee Telling Hard Stories

Why take Spike Lee Independent Filming Lesson

If you're looking for a filming lesson to change your perspective and move to the next level, Spike's class fills the bill. The course covers subjects that sharpen your management and on-site skills.

Going deep into Spike Lee's filming process gives you knowledge of what lies ahead in the industry. More, it arms you with the right tools to counter any upcoming challenges.

Spike urges you to follow your passion and pursue a trade that will help you to touch people's lives. If you're facing a dark road in the industry, the lesson is a fit because of its sufficient motivation.

Spike is a legend and a perfect filming tutor. Anyone in the industry will want to learn from his experience. The class is an ideal opportunity to absorb from his sea of knowledge.

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