MasterClass Shonda Rhimes’s Writing for Television Lesson Online Review

MasterClass Shonda Rhimes Writing for Television Lesson Review

MasterClass Shonda Rhimes Writing for Television Lesson Review

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Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, and Private Practice are TV shows which need no introduction. For many years, they have played an immense role in enlightening, entertaining, and keeping the TV space bustling. Now, the writer of the creative and cherished shows has a television writing lesson on Masterclass.

Shonda Rhimes, producer, author, television, and film writer, takes the stage to teach character creation, pilot writing, and idea pitching. More, Shonda discloses her original pitch notes, pilot script, and privileged information from her TV and film writing journey.

MasterClass Shonda Rhimes Instructor

Shonda Rhimes writing for television lessons shows the whole nine yards of the creative thinking process. From the beginning, the class has insightful lessons on how to find writing ideas. Learners go deep into Shonda’s idea brainstorming and analysis technique for developing skim TV stories.

Case studies from Shonda Rhimes’ top works provide thought-provoking insights into the storyline structure. Rhimes explains why she made specific story decisions in the analyzed acts. After the case studies, learners amass skills in scene development and character progression in subsequent episodes.

Also, the class expands into providing industry and success tips. Lessons in networking, delving into the writing career, and career progress provides a clear roadmap to success.

Last, Shonda breaks down her career journey from being a graduate to a respected TV producer and writer. In the breakdown, learners hoard extraordinary wisdom, tips, and inspirations to overcome any challenges and sail through the murky waters of TV writing.

About Shonda Rhimes

Shonda Rhimes

Shonda Rhimes

Shonda Lynn Rhimes is famous for her top works in Greys Anatomy, Private Practice, and the Scandal. The TV writing expert also stands for serving as an executive producer of How to Get Away With Murder and The Catch.

Shonda Rhimes has published several books which include the Year of Yes: How to Dance It Out, Stand in the Sun, and Be Your Person.

Shonda Rhimes fell in love with storytelling from a young age and became one of the best students while studying screenwriting at the University of Southern California.

Her inspiring and entertaining works won her three Emmy awards, Golden Globe Award, and several Writer’s Guild of America awards.

MasterClass Writing for Television Lesson Online with Shonda Rhimes Review

How and Where to Take Shonda Rhimes Writing for Television Lesson

Shonda Rhimes writing for TV lessons is an online class taken in the e-learning platform; Masterclass. With the course online, you can learn at your pace from anywhere.

Masterclass is compatible with smartphones, Apple TV, and desktops. Meaning, you need not stress over its accessibility.

Masterclass beats its e-learning counterparts by far with its usability, first-class security, and quality of lessons.

All learning material is top-grade. In-depth content, high-quality videos, coupled with class audio, marks the elite learning platform.

Thirty extensive videos cover a high percentage of the curriculum. The videos comprise 30 topics broken down into easy-to-understand portions. In the videos, Shonda Rhimes covers the fundamentals of TV writing, highlighting topics essential for beginners to advanced learners.

MasterClass Shonda Rhimes Class Sections

The course content further gets an extension in an exclusive workbook from the elite teacher. The book contains notes from Shonda Rhimes’ life’s writing experiences and pilot scripts from her top shows. Lesson recaps and assignments to test your writing skills cap the gorgeous book.

MasterClass Shonda Rhimes Workbook

In the class, you can interact with other students in an exclusive learning community. You can share writing tips, discuss assignments, and dig into the learning material together.

You can ask Shonda Rhimes any question related to TV writing subjects. She compiles all questions and answers in the session renown as office hours. The office hours makes the class unique because you get to interact with the elite TV writer, a chance you can’t get anywhere.

Shonda Rhimes Writing for Television Lesson Pricing

Shonda Rhimes writing for TV lesson has three pay packages. The first package, single class, gives you access to only one course, Shonda Rhimes lesson. The package goes for $90 payable once.

The better and more favored option is the second package which is only $180. The price is double the single class package, but it’s a bargain. The package, famous as the all-access plan, is the key to unlock over 60 Masterclass lessons.

If you were to take the 60 lessons on a single class pass, you’d pay over $5400. So, it is a no brainer and a chance to take lessons in other subjects.

Other subjects in the Masterclass platform involve creme de la creme educators from many industries. Tutors include Timbaland, Aaron Sorkin, David Mamet, Ron Howard, Thomas Keller, Simone Biles, and many others.

The last payment option is a gift package. Here you can book the classes for your kids, hubby, or any preferred person.


Here are some of the subjects Shonda Rhimes will take on in her masterpiece writing for Television lesson;

  • Value of TV history in script writing
  • Searching for and assessing writing ideas
  • Using ideas to develop script concepts
  • Shonda’s method of conducting stories research
  • Art of creating compelling stories
MasterClass Shonda Rhimes Writing a Television Script 1
  • Pitching tips
  • Shonda Rhimes’ scriptwriting process and technique
  • Overcoming writing myths
  • Shonda Rhimes’ editing and script cutting process
MasterClass Shonda Rhimes Writing a Television Script 2
  • Analyzing Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal case studies
MasterClass Shonda Rhimes Inside Grey Anatomy and Scandal
  • Art of keeping audiences glued to TV series
  • The TV writing and production industry challenges and success tips
  • Physical and mental habits essential for a writer’s journey
MasterClass Shonda Rhimes Working in the TV Industry

Why take Shonda Rhimes’ Writing for TV Lesson

Compared to other online courses, Shonda Rhimes’class is longer and more comprehensive. The class comprises 30 videos, all in-depth. Plus, the videos contain a detailing polishing of many TV writing topics.

From the start of the lesson, Shonda commits to reveal everything she knows about the TV scriptwriting industry. She stays true to her words by giving a detailed highlight of her writing journey

Having won awards and scripted for elite TV shows, Shonda possesses the credibility and experience to teach and mentor upcoming writers. Her confidence and presenting approach showcase a tutor who knows the subjects at hand. And the detailed breakdown provides a concrete understanding of topics.

If you take into account Shonda Rhimes’ experience, lesson comprehensives, and the subjects covered, the lesson suits anyone. Plus, insights and tips only known to Shonda Rhimes add to the lesson’s quality.

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