MasterClass Sheila E.’s Drumming and Percussion Lesson Online Review

MasterClass Sheila E. Drumming and Percussion Lesson Review

MasterClass Sheila E. Drumming and Percussion Lesson Review

Music lovers always find themselves carried away with singing and jamming to music sounds. When it comes to those who are crazy about creating musical sound instruments, drumming and percussion instruments help them a lot through learning. You’d be glad to know that this is a review of drumming and percussion learning. If you are a drummer enthusiast, this is a perfect place to land on the website that offers extensive drumming lessons.

Sheila E. is the instructor of the drumming and percussion lessons. Her way of teaching would definitely sway the readers’ minds. 

Who Is Sheila E.?

Sheila E.

Sheila E.

Sheila E. is a groundbreaking drummer and percussionist who emerged out in the presence of several male drummers of her era. She is popularly known for her percussing talents- the way she sways several brains towards her unstoppable talent.

MasterClass Sheila E. Instructor


Your favorite drummer Sheila E. was luckily brought up in a family of musicians. From the beginning of her career, Sheila E. has collaborated with top music icons like Marvin Gaye and Ringo Starr. Her talents and achievements are undoubted which is proved by her winning the title of all-time greatest drummers entertained by a Rolling Stone.

Being a part of the musician family, Sheila remained very fortunate in growing her drumming capabilities. From the very early ages of her life, she has been given great exposure to musical instruments.

What Is Sheila E. Offering?

In her drumming tutorial, Sheila E. welcomes every drumming enthusiast to her class where she is offering some of the defining moments extracted out of her upbringing. She gives away her secret recipe to become a successful drummer due to which she professionally launched her career as a top-tier musician.

Currently, she is offering the learning techniques to find your rhythm. Moreover, with her impeccable drumming talents, Sheila is looking forward to teaching you the principles of percussion. Her offers are invalidated extremely with impeccable drumming talents.

She can be your favorite music teacher leading with a percussion talent either with or without a drum set. Learn and discover various techniques for dynamic solos and fills with Sheila. Learning various techniques, you can decide your future career, whether you want to take charge of your personal band or you want to perform drumming recklessly.

MasterClass Drumming and Percussion Lesson Online with Sheila E. Review

Descriptive Review Of Sheila’s Drumming And Percussion Lesson

Sheila E. aims to teach her students the best way to catch the rhythm and create their intuitive music in real. In her tutoring lesson, Sheila E. has proposed a particular plan where learning percussion has been made quite easier with a step-by-step approach.

If you are looking forward to learning drumming and percussion in the easiest way possible without having to miss out on little music details, then Sheila E.’s music class has a lot to offer you.

Here is the lesson plan for Sheila’s drumming and percussion lesson.

1. Find Your Rhythm

To get started on your drumming adventure, you would need to demonstrate how to find the rhythm you can cling onto throughout the drumming practice. Sheila shows us the ways of finding your rhythm by moving and clapping the drums. However, you can use your pots and other household objects to create music and catch onto a rhythm.

2. Get Started With Drumming

After you have found your rhythm, it is the best time to energize yourself enough to set up your drums. Sheila has a giant introductory part for you before you set up the drum set.

Sheila has evaluated three essential warm-up practices associated with drumming that are also called rudiments comprising of singles, doubles, and paradiddles.

With the brief description of warm-ups, you can gather your sticks and get on with your drums to smash them.

3. Doing Drum-Beats

The basic technique of drum beating requires you to cling onto the rhythm you have looked for. Hold your sticks and start beating drums in a way of 2-2 and 4-4. You can also binge onto the sample video for your comfort. Sheila has broken down intermediate and advanced drumming techniques to make drum beating much easier for you. The drum beating approach that Sheila teaches, is applicable to different genres of music.

4. Start Playing Drum In Your Band

After you have picked one song, it is time to learn about timekeeping with the drum beats and understand the relationship between drums and bass. If you have got a band, Sheila has an easy approach for you on driving a song dynamically within a band.

5. Beat A Drum Solo

According to Sheila, your practice of solo drum beating says a lot about your drumming talent and music taste. She has taught the improvising and restraining techniques for picking up on solo drum beating.

MasterClass Sheila E. Drumming

6. How To Grow As A Brand Leader

Sheila has also shed enough light on the techniques of becoming a brand leader and how to take charge of your brand.

7. Conditioning Your Body

A positive and thrilling body language is very important to become a successful drummer. Sheila has taught some lively lessons on the conditioning body.

MasterClass Sheila E. Drumming Training

8. Great Advice

Throughout her lesson on drumming and percussion, Sheila has given a number of useful advice on becoming a successful drummer.

MasterClass Sheila E. Life in the Spotlight

9. Be Courageous And Confident

Sheila says that having a confident body language with courageous gestures, you can win millions of audiences.


In relatively less time, Sheila has achieved more than any drummer and percussionist in this era. Being born into a musician family, she became a successful drummer. If you are looking forward to learning the newest techniques of drumming, Sheila’s learning tutorials have a lot for you.


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