MasterClass RuPaul’s Self-Expression and Authenticity Lesson Online Review

MasterClass RuPaul Self-Expression and Authenticity Lesson Review

MasterClass RuPaul Self-Expression and Authenticity Lesson Review

It is difficult to talk about the drag subculture without mentioning RuPaul. His Drag Race has conquered the Emmys not once, but twice. No other queer show is as culturally diverse and influential as RuPaul’s Drag Race.



Nevertheless, that is not the only thing for which RuPaul has become famous. Born RuPaul Andre Charles on November 17, 1960, the American has grown into a notable drag queen. Apart from that, he has excelled as an actor, songwriter, singer, and television personality too.

Based on the above, it is not surprising to see RuPaul’s transformation into a voice that is worth listening to on matters of self-expression and authenticity. He has a MasterClass lesson that focuses on his journey towards self-realization.

MasterClass RuPaul Instructor

Learning from somebody who has transformed the drag subculture from the backwaters to mainstream is a good use of your time. In this lesson, RuPaul talks about diverse topics, which include owning the room and finding your inner truth to mention a few.

If you struggle with self-expression and authenticity, then this lesson is right for you. Through it, you will learn how to share and express yourself to others. RuPaul also uses this class to push you towards creating an authentic personality.

About MasterClass

MasterClass is a fresh online education platform operating out of San Francisco. Worldwide, it has taught more than 1 million students. It is renowned for exceptional instructors who are true professionals and experts on the subjects they teach.

Instructors teach subjects and lessons that made them successful, famous, and highly sought after around the world. Many of the instructors use it to make their debut in online training too.

Additionally, MasterClass produces world-class videos. Its classes are too addictive too. For this reason, be ready to spend more time than you initially envisaged going through RuPaul’s Self Expression and Authenticity lesson on MasterClass.

Lesson Presentation

RuPaul has organized his MasterClass lesson superbly. It features 16 video lessons that last a total of 2 hours and 1 minute. Everything is online, though. Therefore, you would need a smartphone, laptop, or desktop and stable Internet connectivity to access the lessons.

The shortest video in RuPaul’s class runs slightly longer than three minutes. On the other hand, the longest one lasts just under 12 minutes. They are all interesting and full of lessons that RuPaul gleaned from his personal journey.

MasterClass Self-Expression and Authenticity Lesson Online with RuPaul Review

What the Lesson Entails

This particular MasterClass entails 16 video lessons of the highest quality. Through them, RuPaul offers golden nuggets to learners. He offers self-expression and authenticity lessons that he has learned in his life.

What is more, each successive video builds upon the previous one. That level of continuity and flow is essential for imparting you with the lessons needed to excel. Moreover, the smooth transition from one scene to the next enables his lessons to come out exceptionally well.

MasterClass RuPaul Class Sections

Since MasterClass is an e-Learning platform, you have access to all the 16 online lessons. Moreover, you can access them via any device with good connectivity. These include smartphones, Apple TV, desktops, and tablets to mention a few.

The fact that MasterClass’s compatibility with all browsers is not in question makes it a good source for learning new skills too. On top of all that, you can improve your learning experience through the interactions permitted between instructors and learners.

What the Lesson Payment Entails

Are you ready to dive into the MasterClass? Are you concerned about the issue of fees, though? You better not be! That is because MasterClass gives you access to all these lessons $180. Once you pay this amount, you get access to all the classes.

The fee is incredibly affordable for the chance it offers you to access wisdom from one of the world’s most well-known drag queens. He appeared in the 2017 list of Time 100 Most Influential People in the World.


The curriculum is quite exhaustive yet sufficiently simple to offer you a glimpse into what to expect once you pay the $180 in fees. Find out the entirety of everything covered in the curriculum below.

  • How to find your inner truth through taking an inventory of your life, stillness, and meditation
  • Tips to help you not only acknowledge your pain but also learn to forge ahead
  • How to deal with bullies, abusers, and the negative voices speaking to you inside your mind
MasterClass RuPaul Unleashing Inner Confidence
  • How to own the stage/room and project confidence while performing to or addressing an audience
  • Learning to conjure the inspiration and passion required to overcome failure
  • Tips for leaning into your strengths, using your proportions to improve your dressing, and presenting yourself confidently
  • How finding your inner truth helps you to live to your life’s potential
MasterClass RuPaul Unleashing Inner Confidence 1
  • Learning to identify the icons whose lifestyle and actions speak directly to you
  • Tips for finding the right caliber of people to mentor and support you as you travel through different stages in life
  • How RuPaul constructed his legendary attire
MasterClass RuPaul Becoming Own Lighthouse
  • How to prep the face for performance
  • Tips for matching, applying, and blending a solid foundation on your face
  • How to contour, color, and highlight your nose to create visual illusions
  • How to create the perfect dramatic eye
  • Going through different options and accessories to complete your look
MasterClass RuPaul Making Drag


One of the biggest pros of the RuPaul Self Expression and Authenticity Lesson on MasterClass is the presence of two highly qualified instructors. In addition to RuPaul, David Petruschin, who goes by the name Raven, also instructs the class.

Other than those two, you and other students will get an opportunity to learn from RuPaul’s costume designer of the last 30 years, Zaldy. They offer interesting insights into the process they go through to create the gowns that have enhanced the drag queen’s fame.


The MasterClass is a bit too short, especially if you wanted to learn more about makeup, costume, and the whole gamut of performing onstage. Nevertheless, this downside does not make the lesson any less important in your life.


Is this MasterClass worth your time and money? Yes, it is! It offers you a real-life example of the process that RuPaul relies on to boost his creativity. The fact that RuPaul allows students to glean crucial lessons from two of his support group also makes it worthwhile.


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