MasterClass Phil Ivey’s Poker Strategy Lesson Online Review

MasterClass Phil Ivey Poker Strategy Lesson Review

MasterClass Phil Ivey Poker Strategy Lesson Review

If you are a risk-taker and always looking to get easy money then you have thought of playing poker once in a while. Poker is a high stakes game and requires one to be at the top of their game or else a lot of money may be lost.

Phil Ivey’s MasterClass will teach you the ins and outs of poker by giving you a tour of the poker world. In this course, this poker legend sheds light into the strategies you would need to apply to your next poker game to ensure you come out the winner.

The Phil Ivey MasterClass is packed with high level, top-notch poker strategies. These include; a tough mental game, intimidating presence, and techniques and how to size your bets creatively. These sections, however, target slightly more experienced players looking to up their game.

MasterClass Phil Ivey Instructor

This course is not only about poker and the strategies involved, but with it, you’ll learn about mental toughness, psychology creativity and laying out strategies and plans to be able to achieve your set of goals.

The bottom line is that the Phil Ivey MasterClass is ideal for anyone be it a beginner or expert looking for something more to add to their game.

About Phil Ivey

Phil Ivey

Phil Ivey

Phil Ivey is a renowned poker game player. He has been known to play in some of the highest stakes poker games stakes in the world.

In 2017, Phil Ivey stopped playing on all major tournaments in the West and focused on Asia declaring his return in an interview to the track for 2018.

In 2018, he was spotted in exclusive poker contests such as WSOP in Las Vegas and Triton Poker Super High Roller Series in Montenegro. His performance in the Montenegro tournament was exemplarily earning him close to $31,000 in the No-Limit Hold’Em and bagged over $600,000 in earnings in May that same year.

One day later his earnings shot to close to $1,000,000 finishing third at the $127,584 No-Limit Hold’Em. He also won at the 2018 WSOP a 6 figure amount.

He founded the Ivey Poker and Ivey League Ventures which are now defunct to add to his legacy. He is the winner of ten world series and currently has the highest publicly documented winnings to ever been made in the history of poker.

MasterClass Poker Strategy Lesson Online with Phil Ivey Review

What the Phil Ivey MasterClass Entails

The Phil Ivey MasterClass consists of 11 in-depth videos about poker lessons taught by Phil Ivey himself. Each video is about 20 minutes to half an hour long. There’s also a community-based platform and a downloadable workbook.

The videos in each lesson cover the necessary and important part of poker strategies such as the Preflop and blind defense, betting tactics, bluffing, deep stack play, mental game, table image and tells and strategies for success.

MasterClass Phil Ivey Class Sections

Aside from the videos, you can download a lesson book for each module to help you study the material and understand it on an intricate level. There is also a downloadable course workbook that covers each lesson if you prefer to read everything all at once.

MasterClass Phil Ivey Workbook

The discussion section in each lesson lets you discuss what has been taught and what you’ve learned with thousands of others enrolled in the course while sharing experiences and ideas

The tutor has interactive sessions with his students with what is called the “Office Hours” section. During this time, he can interact and answer any questions personally that the students might have about the lesson.


The lesson covers everything poker and psychology since the two are strongly linked. Here is a detailed curriculum breakdown

  • Phil’s journey
  • Preflop and blind defense
  • Betting tactics
  • Bluffing strategy
  • Postflop, part 1
  • Postflop, part 2
  • Deepstack play
MasterClass Phil Ivey Pre & Post-flop Strategy
  • The mental toughness game
  • Table image and tells
MasterClass Phil Ivey Getting in Opponent Head
  • Strategies for success in the game
  • Phil’s final words for you to break even
MasterClass Phil Ivey Take Game to the Next Level


The Phil Ivey MasterClass has two payment options. With $180, you get an all-access pass to every other MasterClass available. This includes the Massimo Bottura’s Italian Cooking MasterClass, Margaret Atwood’s Creative Writing MasterClass and Timbaland’s Music Production MasterClass among others.

The second payment option is $90 for a single class. This means that you’ll have to pay $90 to access this specific MasterClass and that’s it. You are denied access to other MasterClasses. It’s convenient if you need this specific course.

The MasterClass has the gift feature which allows you to purchase a lesson or class for someone else as a surprise which is a cool feature. So if you don’t know what to get your friends, then surprise them with a MasterClass.

Why take Phil Ivey’s Poker Strategy MasterClass

Phil Ivey is the best poker player there is. He is a legend at poker. This makes him the perfect tutor for the poker strategy lesson. Having established a career and a name for himself in the poker industry and even being inducted into The Poker Hall of Fame. He is the best-qualified person to be teaching this lesson

No one can take him off the throne when it comes to all things poker. He is experienced and has been playing poker for a long while now.

Regarding the lesson’s contents, Phil Ivey has curated it to meet everyone’s poker needs and has covered well the nitty-gritty of the game of poker. He has even incorporated into the skills of the lesson that might be helpful outside of the game.


  • The all access plan is reasonable and affordable and gives you access to over 60 lessons on a variety of topics
  • Interactive platform
  • Exciting and legendary tutor
  • Found in the best e-learning platform


  • The dense course workbook may prove to be too tedious to read
  • The subject may be difficult to understand via an online platform
  • High stakes of the game might make one rethink about the course altogether


The Phil Ivey Poker Strategy MasterClass is a must take for anyone who dreams of being a pro poker game player. Its in-depth content ensures that anyone looking to begin playing poker becomes good and anyone who is a seasonal player becomes the best player.

The information in this MasterClass is one that cannot simply be found anywhere else.


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