MasterClass Penn and Teller’s The Art of Magic Lesson Online Review

MasterClass Penn and Teller The Art Of Magic Lesson Review

MasterClass Penn and Teller The Art Of Magic Lesson Review

Whatever perceptions you hold about magic, it’s time to get a vivid picture of what it entails. You can now learn the fundamentals of magic, broaden your perspective about it, and even amass the skills to become an esteemed magician.

Penn and Teller, magnified magicians, have a lesson on Masterclass to educate you about magic. They have over 40 practicing experience as magicians and entertainers. Thus, they are the best pair of tutors for the Magic lesson.

MasterClass Penn and Teller Instructor

The art of magic class comprises principles, tricks, and magic forms from the revered magicians. They breakdown magic into understandable chunks and allow for learners’ practicals. To spice up the course, they use real examples from their performances as part of demonstrations.

If you’re an aspiring magician taking the class packs you with a range of magic skills. Brace yourself for lessons in magic psychology, manipulation, card tricks, mentalism, and performance tricks.

Even when magic has never been your thing, the lesson has a bunch of eye-opening insights for everyone. You’ll learn how magic is a trick anyone can learn, crash the myths you hold about magic, and broaden your view about human nature and magic.

There are many magic courses, both online and offline. But, for sure none rivals Penn’s and Teller’s art of magic lesson. First, it boasts the best tutors in the magicians’ scene, runs on a top e-learning platform, and has rich content.

About Penn and Teller

Penn and Teller

Penn and Teller

Penn and Teller, distinguished American magicians, became famous for their subtle combining of magic and comedy. They thrive for their immense teamwork, skill, and ability to remain professional. Thus, they have been able to build an extensive career in the entertainment scene.

Having met in 1975, they performed for the first time together in the Minnesota Renaissance Festival and became an item from that moment.

They have featured in multiple television shows including Penn & Teller: Fool us, Who Wants to Be a millionaire, Deception and more.

As a team, they have written several books about magic, featured in films, music, and video games.

Above all, their magic styles entertain and also focuses on tackling political issues through satire. Unlike many magicians, the pair sometimes perform to reveal magic tricks to audiences and inspire wannabe magicians.

MasterClass The Art Of Magic Lesson Online with Penn and Teller Review

What the Class Entails, How and Where to Take It

Taking the art of magic lesson gives you exclusive access to 17 videos from the renowned magicians. The videos include engaging and informative psychology tips, magic- building techniques, and the secrets to wow audiences with magic tricks.

MasterClass Penn and Teller Class Sections

Besides, Penn and Teller created a downloadable workbook to accompany you in your magical adventures. The book contains more magic tricks, cream info from the virtuoso magicians, and step-by-step illustrated guides to performing magic.

MasterClass Penn and Teller Workbook

Like all masterclass courses, the class has a students’ platform or the hub to interact with other learners. Plus, you get to enjoy feedback from Penn and Teller.

You’ll take the classes online from Masterclass. It is a popular and adored platform for its enhanced security features, simplicity, and quality of learning materials. It comprises well filmed and edited videos and clear audios.

With the class being online, you don’t have to stress over lesson times. You’ll plan the classes to fit your schedule and learn at your own pace from anywhere.

Regardless of the class’ value, it comes at an incredible price. At $90, the course is a bargain. Further, Masterclass has an all-access plan priced at $180, which gives you access to more classes.

The all-access plan allows you to take lessons from other top experts from several industries. You can learn jazz, country music, cooking, poker, tennis, screenwriting, production and many more courses. Again, Masterclass only contains tutors in the class of Timbaland, Spike Lee, Christina Aguilera, Samuel. L Jackson, Herbie Hancock, and more.

In case you subscribe to any class and dislike the platform, you can request a refund within 30 days and cancel the subscription. The Masterclass aims to achieve 100% satisfaction rates.

Penn’s and Teller’s Art of Magic Lesson Curriculum

In 17 videos, Penn and Teller, did their best to provide an in-depth cover of magic subjects. Again, the platform allows tutors to add new lessons to the course. So, more insights could be available soon.

Here are some topics included in the curriculum

  • The French drop in sleight of the hand methods
  • Developing a routine with cups and balls
  • Card magic tricks and insights
  • ​Using misdirection to win audiences
  • Breakdown of coin magic tricks
MasterClass Penn and Teller Learning Magic Tricks
  • Philosophy and psychology behind magic
  • Understanding the human brain
MasterClass Penn and Teller Philosophy and Psychology of Magic
  • Principles of performing
  • Drawing viewers into magic
  • ​Using mentalism in entertainment
  • Using magic to elicit joy, wonder, and empathy
  • ​Analysis of live performances from the tutors
MasterClass Penn and Teller Performing Magic
  • A meet up with legendary magicians apart from the tutor for high-level practice and training
MasterClass Penn and Teller Coaching Sessions

Why Take the Art of Magic Lesson from Penn and Teller

If you’re still contemplating about learning magic, it is good to know that it has benefits you have never imagined. First, you can use the lessons and the tricks to touch hearts and entertain people from all circles of life.

Again, magic is a character molding tool. By learning it, you’re bound to sharpen your creativity, analytical, presentation, and discipline skills. It sets a successful foundation in all aspects of your life.

Now, consider all the benefits and imagine learning from the best magicians in the world. Penn and Teller are the only tutors around with proven magic skills and experience. They have performed in the world’s top arenas, won awards, mentored multiple aspiring magicians and featured in top-selling films.

Then, Penn and Teller don’t let emotions creep into the sessions, or over-awe with their presentations. They brace all qualities of top tutors. The witty breakdown of magic skills absorbs learners from the onset, as they brim with passion and possess loads of humor.

The tutors focus beyond magic skills. And they furnish you with information about the value of character in magic. They ensure you understand the critical roles of confidence, focus, and discipline play in magic.


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