MasterClass Neil Gaiman’s Art of Storytelling Lessons Online Review

MasterClass Neil Gaiman Art of Storytelling Lesson Review

MasterClass Neil Gaiman Art of Storytelling Lesson Review

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Masterclass always has an out of the blue gem for learning enthusiasts. From time to time, they catch learners unawares with a dead drop course from an artist they love.

Aspiring and pro writers, hold all aces! For the story-telling connoisseur, Neil Gaiman has a story-telling lesson on Masterclass. It’s the first time the Stardust author opens doors to learners in the large platform.

If you’ve not heard of MasterClass, well, it is the nonpareil of e-learning platforms. Its strengths;

  • A collection of courses from elite tutors across the world
  • Unrivaled learning material
  • Excellent video graphics
  • And user-friendliness.

The art of story-telling lesson is an enlightening package comprising eye-opening tips, story-telling guides, and a pour down of skills from the story-telling master. It is a comprehensive learning course for anyone in the story-telling scene.

In the class, Neil Gaiman exudes with story-telling artistry as his style of presentation showcases a person who knows how to captivate. You’re therefore confident of gripping all nuggets from the revered maestro.

It’s a class you will hold close to heart, for its rich content. Neil leaves no stone unturned, and his mission is clear from the onset. He wants to bring the best out of his students.

Take the class, learn from the master, and absorb all the unleashed pearls of wisdom. It is, however, not a one-off thing. You’ll learn the hard way, make mistakes, revise, redo the sessions until you’re well-polished.

About the Tutor; Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman

Looking back Neil Gaiman’s illustrious career, it is clear he knew what he wanted from childhood. From his childhood, Neil developed a hell-bent passion for succeeding in story-telling. He started reading top-notch works from virtuoso writers including C.S. Lewis, Harlan Ellison, Lord Dunsany, Mary Shelley, etc.

At age 20, he contacted a sci-fi writer R.A Laferty for mentorship and guidance into the story-telling art and career.

It’s after writing his first fantasy published story, “Feather Quest” that he read works from Alan Moore. Neil fell in love with comics straightaway after reading a copy of “Swamp Thing” from Alan Moore.

Neil Gaiman has written stunning short novels, comics, graphic novels, audio theatre, short fiction, and films. His top works include the famed Stardust, the Grave Yard Book, Coraline, and American Gods.

MasterClass Neil Gaiman Instructor

His works bedazzled and won him many fans and awards. Some of his top awards and medals include Bram Stoker, Nebula, Newbery, Carnegie, and Hugo. Again, his bewildering book; the Grave Yard, scooped him successive Nebula and Newbery medals making him the first artist to achieve such feats.

MasterClass Art of Storytelling Lessons Online with Neil Gaiman Review

What’s in The Art of Story Telling Course?

Featuring 19 videos, the Masterclass contains abundant tools from the award-winning Neil. It gives you a chance to explore idea development techniques, character crafting, and heighten creativity levels. Amazing features from the MasterClass platform enable maximum interaction. You can pause, restart, and repeat the lessons for the concrete intake of the class content.

MasterClass Neil Gaiman Class Sections

An exhaustive workbook accompanies the course. It contains additional information not picked in the videos. Plus creative training exercises, and downloadable interactive lessons. The lessons are your reference materials anytime your trip along the story learning journey.

MasterClass Neil Gaiman Workbook

Being an online class, you can learn from anywhere, at any time. It’s up to you to plan your learning schedule. With the learning flexibility, it’s a guarantee not to miss any bit of the lessons. You’ll access the course from an Apple TV, a desktop or mobile phone.

Course Pricing

Despite donning an expert tutor, the course is affordable. At only $180, you get unlimited access to the MasterClass platform. With the all year access plan, you can take classes from cream tutors like Herbie Hancock, Serena Williams, Timbaland, Gordon Ramsay and many more.

The second subscription option goes for $90. It’s a one-off membership subscription that limits you to only the story-telling course. If by any chance, you feel it’s not the right time to take the course; you have an option of ordering it as a gift for anyone.

Art of Story Telling Curriculum

The 19-video, workbook lesson covers the whole nine yards of Neil’s knowledge. In the introduction, he details his tutoring reasons and gives you a bunch of inspiring ideas to take on the story-telling career. You’ll learn how to use “lies” to build outstanding stories and use your experiences for unique plots.

MasterClass Neil Gaiman Truth in Fiction

Other contents of the curriculum include;

  • Own voice development and overcoming mistakes
  • Finding ideas to develop stunning stories
  • Multiple case studies exhausting the learned content
MasterClass Neil Gaiman Building Stories
  • Character development techniques
MasterClass Neil Gaiman Creating Characters
  • Prose, humor, genre, and comics
MasterClass Neil Gaiman Writing to the Next Level
  • Editing and writing rules to guide you all way to the stars
MasterClass Neil Gaiman Editing

Why Learn Under Neil Gaiman?

Neil comes established as an experienced storyteller. His dazzling career and roles in top films and books set him apart as an instructor.

The storyteller calmly approaches learning sessions in a way no tutor can as he ensures his students grip all the content. And detailed and exhaustive videos guarantee Neil captures all aspects relevant in the story-telling scene.

To ensure learners pick the right path, Neil shares his story-telling philosophy and educates students on how to stir stories from within.

If you consider the tutor’s caliber and his industry knowledge, it’s a masterclass suiting learners of all levels.

Again, the course runs in Masterclass, an incredible platform which embraces technology and only takes in verified tutors. Besides, It’s a platform designed for all because of it’s easy to use features.


  • Interactive, intimate and pro tutor
  • Exclusive access to multiple courses
  • Affordable
  • High tech platform in Masterclass
  • Detailed episodes to allow for comprehension
  • Unlimited access to MasterClass classes via the All-access plan


While the Masterclass is excellent, the only downturn is perhaps it only runs online, thus not viable for people who are not tech-savvy. Unlike other MasterClass courses, the video only comprises 19 episodes, but the approach and exhaustiveness of the course polish the gaps.

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