MasterClass Neil Degrasse Tyson’s Scientific Thinking And Communication Lesson Online Review

MasterClass Neil Degrasse Tyson's Scientific Thinking and Communication Lesson Review

MasterClass Neil Degrasse Tyson's Scientific Thinking and Communication Lesson Review

If you have always wanted to sit at the feet of one of the most prolific figures in science communication, then you should head on over to Masterclass for Neil Degrasse Tyson’s scientific thinking and communication lesson.

With this Masterclass lesson, experienced scientific thinkers can refresh their knowledge while beginners and curious learners can acquire the skills needed to start their careers in the right direction. Degrasse’s lessons will empower students to identify and look past their personal biases so that they can be objective in their search for truth.

Who is Neil Degrasse Tyson?

Neil DeGrasse Tyson

Neil DeGrasse Tyson

Astrophysicists usually do not get into the field for notoriety. However, if you are as successful as Neil Degrasse Tyson is, then it is bound to happen. Today, Degrasse serves as the man in charge at the Hayden Planetarium at the Rose Center for Earth and Space. Aside from this, he has also worked on several columns for big magazines such as Natural History and StarDate, as well as hosted many television shows, namely Nova and Cosmos.

MasterClass Neil Degrasse Tyson Instructor

He also hosts a successful podcast, all while enjoying a remarkably influential social media presence. Some of the books he has worked on include Astrophysics for People in a Hurry and Accessory to War, The Unspoken Alliance Between Astrophysicists and the Military, which all advocate for science literacy. Today, Neil is celebrated for inspiring people to reflect on the planet and the universe around us.

What is Masterclass?

Masterclass is a revolutionary online education platform that specializes in giving learners access to big and respected names from different fields so that they can, in turn, share the knowledge that has helped to make them respected professionals. The class and quality offered by the teachers at Masterclass are simply unmatched by any other online learning platform out there.

Who is the Masterclass Designed for

This Masterclass is designed for anyone that wants to learn how to communicative effectively as well as anybody that wants to learn how to rewire their thinking. Anyone that values scientific inquiry and feels curious about how the world works will also find a lot of significance in the class.

The lessons that Degrasse teaches will give learners the capacity to solve problems by considering different viewpoints. Neil’s Masterclass is designed to empower learners to be curious so that they can venture out on their own to find objective truth. Not only will this lesson improve your analytical skills, but it will also give you the tools that you need to solve all manner of problems on a personal and professional level.

MasterClass Scientific Thinking And Communication Lesson Online with Neil Degrasse Tyson Review

What the MasterClass entails

The course structure for Neil’s scientific thinking and communication class is very straightforward. The course contains a total of 13 video lessons that are scheduled to last between 5 and 10 minutes. These lessons are timed this way to make the concepts easily digestible and so that learners can peruse them during their free time.

MasterClass Neil Degrasse Tyson Class Sections

Because everything is online, you can go through the lessons at a pace that is reasonable to you in any location of your choosing. Everything has been organized well so that you can jump right in whether you are a beginner or an advanced student of scientific thinking. The lessons come with:

  • Well detailed background material
  • Worksheets that can be downloaded with ease
  • Reading lists so that you can further the information given to you online
  • A class workbook containing a summary of everything that has been discussed in the video lessons
MasterClass Neil Degrasse Tyson Workbook

Designed for any learner that is keen on discovering and communicating clearly and convincingly, this class can benefit just about anyone. Degrasse gets into a range of essential subjects such as the nature of cynicism, tactics for communication, issues surrounding the scientific method, and more.

MasterClass Neil Degrasse Tyson Communication Tactics
MasterClass Neil Degrasse Tyson Scientific Method

Granted, this is not exactly Degrasse’s first time sharing his knowledge with learners online. However, Degrasse’s Masterclass lessons are different.

He not only delves into how to find objective truth, but he also shares valuable personal insights and anecdotes that make learning that much more enjoyable.

MasterClass Neil Degrasse Tyson Pillars of Scientific Thinking

He also utilizes a range of fascinating examples that allow the learner to understand how Neil thinks. With this class, you will learn Neil’s thought process, his rational model, as well as the scientific tools that allow him to be a great success that he is today.

What the MasterClass payment entails

There are two primary types of purchase:

  1. A single course, which in this case is Neil’s scientific thinking and communication, will cost you a one-time charge of $90. This cost will give you access to the course and all accompanying material.
  2. You can also opt for the All-Access Pass, which goes for $180 each year. This pass will give you access to all the lessons, current and future, available on Masterclass.


  • Masterclass also has an online community that is titled the Hub, where students can ask questions regarding the lessons and even engage with other learners.
  • Masterclass has made every effort to make sure that the video lessons are of the highest quality possible so that you can make the most out of them
  • Because the class is taught by a successful astrophysicist, you can be certain of the value of the information shared.
  • The platform is very affordable


  • You do not get a certificate upon completing the course. You do, however, receive an email upon the completion of the lessons
  • The Hub, which refers to the Masterclass community, is not as active as it should be, especially when compared to other online learning platforms.


Having said that, if you have already spent many years in astrophysics or any other branch of science, for that matter, the content offered by Degrasse may not necessarily be new to you. The lessons are more suited for curious beginners or students in other fields that want to perfect their critical reasoning skills. In any case, whether you are a novice or an experienced professional, you will still find Degrasse’s lessons entertaining and captivating.


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