MasterClass Massimo Bottura’s Modern Italian Cooking Lesson Online Review

MasterClass Massimo Bottura Modern Italian Cooking Lesson Review

MasterClass Massimo Bottura Modern Italian Cooking Lesson Review

You’ve heard of Michelin star restaurants, perhaps even savored their tasty delicacies. Right? What if you could make similar cuisines in your home? That would be gorgeous!

Massimo Bottura, renown chef of the three Michelin star Osteria Francescana has a cooking lesson to turn your imaginations into reality. The lesson hosted in MasterClass, a top drawer platform, encompasses Massimo’s cooking knowledge universe.

In the cooking course, the ingenious tutor gives the low-down on the art of transforming traditional Italian dishes into delectable modern cuisines. Take the course, and you’ll access an array of Italian cuisine recipes.

Learn how to develop your palate, cooking Italian meals like a pro and the creative art of inventing new recipes. The master chef teaches techniques not found in any online cooking class. He dishes out all the cooking essentials before setting you off for your cooking adventure.

The lesson comes exclusively to MasterClass. The Masterclass is a modern e-learning platform with unique features. Exceptional videos and graphics ensure learners have a seamless learning experience.

About Your Tutor: Massimo Bottura

Massimo Bottura

Massimo Bottura

Massimo Bottura is the renown Italian chef and restaurateur. He is the patron of Osteria Francescana, a three-Michelin star restaurant, in Modena, Italy. In his charge, the restaurant has ranked among 50 best restaurants in the World. In 2018, the restaurant gained the 1st spot among the best restaurants in the World.

From a young age, Massimo had developed immense cooking passion and apprenticed under virtuoso chefs before opened his famed restaurant.

Massimo’s cooking artistry touches people beyond Italy. His restaurants in Turkey, hotel partnerships in Dubai are a testament to his immense influence.

His artistry has earned him wide acclaim and made him recognized as a food ambassador and a guest of honor in food festivals.

MasterClass Modern Italian Cooking Lesson Online with Massimo Bottura Review

What Massimo Bottura’s Italian Cooking Lesson Entails

Like all MasterClass courses, Massimo’s course comprises videos and a workbook. In the Italian cooking lesson, there are14 videos delving into the Master Chef’s cooking tactics. With the videos, you’ll learn how to make pumpkin risotto, Emilia burger, tortellini, passatelli, and many other dishes.

The downloadable cookbook has additional tips not covered in the videos. Plus, it comprises lesson recaps, assignments, recipes, and in-depth learning materials. The cookbook acts as your guide and reference material in your Italian dishes cooking career.

You will take the courses online at your own pace and terms. Plan your sessions and set completion goals. Plus you access the platform with a smartphone, desktop, or Apple TV.


Massimo’s cooking lesson comes with two payment options. The first option, referred to as the all-access plan, goes at $180 per year. Subscribing for the plan gives you access to over 60 masterclass lessons apart from the Italian cooking lesson.

Some of the 60 lessons include Alice Waters home cooking, Gordon Ramsay’s cooking class, and Thomas Keller’s cooking techniques class.

Again MasterClass allows you to book the class as a gift for anyone you love. If it’s your kids, with the all-access plan, they learn other art skills from production to scripting, to BBQ, to jazz, to tennis and more. The platform has classes fitting anyone in your home.

The second plan allows you to take only one Masterclass course. In the plan, you’ll pay $90, which gives you access to Massimo’s Italian cooking lesson.

Besides, MasterClass offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a 30-day money-back guarantee. Thus you’re sure of the invested amount’s security


The classes kick off in his famous Italian restaurant where Massimo details his love for classic recipes, recipe inspirations, and kitchen creativity.

The curriculum further delves into

  • Experimenting with traditional cuisines
  • Tips and guides for making meal accompaniments
  • The art of burger making and ingredients management
  • Sustainable cooking tips
  • Exclusive secret ingredients to vegetarian meals
  • Signature cooking styles from Osteria Francescana
  • Ingredients tasting
  • Art of creating recipes and many other lessons.

Why Take Massimo Bottura’s Italian Cooking Lesson

Many people wish to learn to cook from the top chefs and collect the best culinary tips in the industry. Massimo Bottura comes as a complete package. For he knows what works and what doesn’t in the food industry.

Combine his experience and success in developing the world’s best restaurant, and you have an all-round tutor. Not only does he guide leaners, but he also shares his experiences, failures, and mistakes in the cooking space.

Massimo has moved around the World. Sharing his culinary knowledge and spreading his Italian cooking artistry. So, he understands what tutoring entails, and the vital techniques that are a “must-learn” for any Italian cooking learner.

The cooking classes reflect Massimo’s passionate approach to cooking and tutoring. The tutor breaks down cooking sessions simply for comprehension. And the way he points out all the recipe details is proof of his desire to see learners excelling.

The range of content and learning material suit anyone interested in taking Italian cooking lessons. Even pro chefs can learn a lot from Massimo’s cooking inspirations.

Pros of the Italian Cooking Lesson

  • Safe and secure learning platform in MasterClass
  • Learn Italian cooking from a pro tutor
  • Rich learning content
  • Elite videos and graphics
  • Courses moderated by Master Class
  • Access to over 60 learning courses covering subjects such as writing, piano, poker, country music, and production, all from elite tutors.


It’s hard to point out the shortcomings of the cooking lesson. But one distinct deficiency of the course is the small number of learning videos. However, Massimo ensures the lesson is worth every penny by being incisive, clear, and to the point.


Whether you intend to go pro or become a hobbyist, you should take the class. If you’re a hobbyist, the lessons are the opportunity to take Osteria Francescana menus to your home and closer to your loved ones.

Meanwhile, aspiring, burgeoning, and pro chefs have a golden tool in the lesson to polish their careers. Besides, Italian dishes have become mainstream all over the World. Learning Italian cooking lessons will, for sure, take your career to another level.


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