MasterClass Martin Scorsese’s Filmmaking Lesson Online Review

MasterClass Martin Scorsese's Filmmaking Lesson Review

MasterClass Martin Scorsese's Filmmaking Lesson Review

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Martin Scorsese has become a household name with his entertaining films. His titles, such as the Wolf of the Wall Street, Taxi Driver, and Casino, will forever give us cues of his artistry.

The renown filmmaker doesn’t stop at filming. He joined the vast list of top-class professionals sharing his expertise in Masterclass.

Martin comes in to share his filmmaking experience in an exclusive filmmaking lesson on Masterclass. With over 50 years of background in the industry, he has heaps of tips, strategies, and skills to serve any aspiring or pro filmmaker.

MasterClass Martin Scorsese Instructor

The lesson takes into account the dynamics in the filming industry. It factors new things shaping and influencing filmmaking, and provides insights to help learners thrive.

Hence, students get to understand how thee industry dynamics, such as technology, can hinder or develop their careers as directors.

Many online filmmaking classes don’t provide you with a transparent filming process. However, Martin’s lesson reveals a step-by-step approach to his artistry. With his expertise, you can expect him to know the right pathway to take and make a great film.

Learners can count on the lesson for improvement in their creativity, dynamism, and flexibility.


The topics covered provide insights into keeping films entertaining throughout, adding value to scenes, and countering unexpected changes.

About Martin Scorsese

Martin Scorsese

Martin Scorsese

Martin Scorsese became inspired to pursue filming from childhood while going out for cinema with his parents.

He has created first-rate films like Casino, Silence, The Aviators, Mean Streets, Raging Bull, Departed, and the King of Comedy.

His works have earned him a reputation as the most influential director in the filming industry. And he has won awards such as the AFI Life Achievement Award, Academy Award, Emmy Award and the Directors Guild of America Award.

MasterClass Filmmaking Lesson Online with Martin Scorsese Review

Martin Scorsese Filmmaking Lesson Presentation

Martin Scorsese’s filmmaking lesson ranks among the most extended masterclass lessons. With 30 video lessons, a workbook, student community, and office hours, it has everything a filmmaker desires.

About the videos, they meet all the desired credentials. They are of HD quality, bug-free, comprise audible and clear audios, and stream smoothly between episodes.

MasterClass Martin Scorsese Class Sections

Students need not take notes as they can rewind the videos, fast-forward, or pause for in-depth comprehension. The workbooks also serve as a guide in filmmaking and practicing journey.

The book has additional notes from Martin and acts as a sharpener for students. Taking the exercises and the lesson recaps allow you to absorb the content and highlight incomprehensible facets of the class.

MasterClass Martin Scorsese Workbook

If there are aspects that escape your grasp, you can jut into the office hours and ask the tutor questions in the subject area. Martin will compile all questions and answer them at once.

From time to time, Masterclass organizes live question-and-answer sessions to give students a chance to interact with their tutors.

In all lessons, there are the students chatting sections. You will find the part interesting as it connects you to students from around the globe. It is incredible for it allows you to collect filming insights from varying cultures and perspectives.

Why Masterclass?

There are tons of online learning lessons, yet pro instructors and professionals opt for Masterclass. For instance, Werner Herzog, Danny Elfman, Alice Waters, Malcolm Gladwell, and Timbaland have classes on the platform.

No high profile individuals would want to mess their credentials and image teaching in a sub-par school. Masterclass collaborates with all the personalities to develop unique classes focused on sharing proven tips.

The instructors build content based on what they believe suits learners and can work in the modern market.

Giving the instructors room and the autonomy to come up with the curriculum has allowed Masterclass to wipe the floor with its competitors.


Checkout next for topics covered in the filmmaking lesson;

  • Why you must stay true to yourself in filmmaking
  • Importance of watching classics
MasterClass Martin Scorsese Early Years
  • Martin’s filmmaking process and how to counter filming challenges
  • Picking inspirations from the other director’s works and referencing past productions
  • Insights into the aspects of Martin’s styles, visual literacy, and pre-visualization
  • Noting technological changes
MasterClass Martin Scorsese Being a Director
  • Researching, reading scripts and planning story ideas
MasterClass Martin Scorsese Story and Script
  • Working and building relationships with actors
MasterClass Martin Scorsese Working With Actors
  • Scouting film locations and getting the best out of all areas
  • Working with cinematography
  • Working with low budgets and overcoming financial constraints
  • How to empower crew members
MasterClass Martin Scorsese Film Production
  • The editing process and the qualities to look for in an editor
  • Using color, sound design, and the role of music in filmmaking
MasterClass Martin Scorsese Post-Production
  • Marketing films to the right audience
  • Creativity and finding your filmmaking pathway and more topics
MasterClass Martin Scorsese Promoting Film


It is tough finding a quality filmmaking lesson, more so, one that is also affordable.

However, Martin Scorsese’s lesson has both features. It has the qualities, students demand, and it is also reasonably priced.

At $90, students get access to all the benefits of the class. They can use the learning materials for as long as they don’t unsubscribe.

Again, students who want to take more filming lessons from other tutors or learn other subjects can pay $180. The payment allows students to make savings of over $90 for taking over three courses.

Pricing also comes with a gift package that lets subscribers share the lessons with their loved ones.


  • Martin Scorsese extensive experience in filmmaking makes him a perfect for the class
  • Money-back guarantee for all classes
  • Flexible presentations and easy to pause or forward
  • Lessons go deep into directing aspects and teach you how to forge your filmmaking process
  • Lessons taught in an easy-to-use platform and free from bugs


Martin discusses scenes from his films. Ardent fans might find the scenes too familiar and lacking in uniqueness. The scenes are, however, minimal and a drop in the ocean to cause any effect to the lesson’s stature.


Martin Scorsese’s lesson fits beginners to pro filmmakers. It carries adequate content and depth to suit anyone aspiring to understand the pro-filmmaking process.

Pro filmmakers can pick abundant tips and tricks from the 30 video lessons covering Martin’s 50 years of experience in the industry.

Martin has directed a range of films based on varying themes. He, therefore, understands film dynamics and acting variations essential for filming a success.

While there are many filming tutors and classes, now nears Martin’s class on presentation, content quality and straightforwardness

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