MasterClass Margaret Atwood’s Creative Writing Lessons Online Review

MasterClass Margaret Atwood Creative Writing Lessons Review

MasterClass Margaret Atwood Creative Writing Lessons Review

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Many writers don’t believe they can grow their careers to become top creatives. For them, it’s a journey packed with self-doubt. Fortunately, the Man Booker prize winner, Margaret Atwood designed a course to build writers’ confidence and show them the way to a masterly career.

Margaret Atwood’s course is a creative writing lesson on Masterclass. The lesson sheds light on the techniques of creating top literary works through absorbing analysis sessions. Further, the tutor polishes learners with her proven strategies of crafting complex fiction.

MasterClass Margaret Atwood Instructor

The course is more enlightening than many top creative writing courses. Why? Margaret uses her own tried and tested approaches to enlighten learners on a bunch of creative writing skills. And the information in the class is unique to the tutors’ writing knowledge.

Margaret covers more than creative writing. She delves into her writing journey unleashing wisdom nuggets to guide learners in their writing journey.

Every bit of her writing life brims with creative writing key points. There are abundant lessons to pick from the start of her writing career to the end. Her wins and failures are a gem to all writers.

Creative writing is a business and a pathway to grow as a brand. Thus, Margaret details the business side of a writer before capping the sessions. There are lessons on the ways of finding the right agent, handling criticism, and professional management of writing.

About Margaret Atwood

Margaret Atwood

Margaret Atwood

Margaret Eleanor Atwood is a renown poet, novelist, tutor, and creative inventor. Her career speaks for itself as she has authored 16 novels, 10 non-fiction books, and 17 poetry books.

For her writing, she has amassed awards including the Franz Kafka Prize, Arthur.C. Clarke award, Man Booker Prize, National Book Critics, and PEN Center USA Lifetime Achievement Awards.

In her works, she covers a range of themes; However, myths and fairy tales inspired poems touched her heart from childhood.

Her books inspire and have touched many hearts. She writes in a style so unique that she has won many fans.

Her first poetry book; Double Persephone won her the E. J. Pratt Medal.

As an educator, she has lectured at the University of Colombia, the University of Alberta and Sir George Williams University in Montreal Canada.

MasterClass Creative Writing Lesson Online with Margaret Atwood Review

What the Course Entails

Margaret’s creative writing lesson comprises 23 rich videos. Each video contains a well thought of topic into creative writing. Enrolling for the course gives you unlimited access to the videos. The videos cover story and plot development, case studies, character building, overcoming writers’ block, Novel writing, speculative fiction, and more lessons.

MasterClass Margaret Atwood Class Sections

Apart from the videos, you’ll download a career guide workbook. The book contains covered sessions’ notes, additional guides, and Margaret’s tips and assignments. So, you don’t have to take notes or worry over reference material.

MasterClass Margaret Atwood Workbook

The course runs on MasterClass, a top-notch online learning platform. You can, therefore, plan lessons to fit your schedule. Learn from anywhere using your smartphone or desktop, for the course thrives in using a structure compatible with many devices.

Also, MasterClass contains superb videos and graphics. All episodes are vivid and understandable, thus suitable for many users. Still, MasterClass ensures only credible and elite tutors use the platform. You’re, therefore, sure of quality classes, an easy-to-use-system, privacy, security, and a tranquil learning environment.

Pricing of Margaret’s Creative Writing Lesson

For only $180, you’ll subscribe to an all-access package in Masterclass. The subscription package allows you access to other tutors’ lessons.

Meaning, you can take over 60 courses in topics including

  • Photography by Annie Leibovitz,
  • Space exploration by Chris Hadfield
  • Thriller writing by David Baldacci
  • Screenwriting by Aaron Sorkin and many more lessons.

Still, you can subscribe for single-course access for $90. The single-pass only allows you to take Margaret’s creative writing lesson.

The $180 is a better subscription for it allows you to take courses costing $90 each.


From the author of the Handmaid’s tale and the Blind Assassin, you’ll learn hundreds of topics packed in 28 videos. The lessons include but not limited to;

  • Using stories building blocks to develop stories
  • Art of creating compelling start pages
  • Value of time in fiction
  • Art of keeping readers engaged
  • Case studies of Margaret’s top writing work
MasterClass Margaret Atwood Plot Structure and Point of View
  • Choosing a writer’s voice
  • Character development
  • Art of creating compelling characters
MasterClass Margaret Atwood Character and Dialogue
  • Imagery approach and prose styles
MasterClass Margaret Atwood Crafting Prose
  • Overcoming writer’s block
MasterClass Margaret Atwood Writing Challenges
  • Speculative fiction
MasterClass Margaret Atwood Writing in a Genre
  • Finding your path as a writer and fear management
  • The business of writing
MasterClass Margaret Atwood Writing Life

Why Take Margaret Atwood’s Creative Writing Lesson

Margaret Atwood is the perfect tutor for the creative writing lesson in MasterClass. Having authored over 40 books, and won many awards for her writing, she stands as the most polished tutor.

No other tutor beats her for the experience. She has written from a young age in diverse subjects, thus carries knowledge from several niches. Her projects include themes in gender, equality, climate, politics, language, religion, and myths. You can rely on her for guidance in many subjects.

On the lesson’s content, Margaret covered well all aspects of creative writing. Besides, she caps the course with life lessons, writing business tips and materials to guide learners throughout their careers.

Her calm approach, elaboration, and use of examples in sessions are superb. You can tell from the onset she had the destiny to become a light to aspiring and burgeoning writers. The courses are so calm; you won’t miss any tips or lesson bits.


  • Elite learning platform
  • Friendly tutoring approach and presentation of topics
  • In-depth content
  • Affordable
  • An all-access plan is an unexploited amazon of knowledge
  • Top-notch tutor
  • Allowed submission of questions and direct responses from the award-winning educator
  • Students community enhances discussions of learning material


The course has short videos, though, creamed with insightful lessons, creative writing tools, extensive learning workbook packed with in-depth reading list into each module.


Margaret Atwood’s creative writing lesson is a “must-take” for all writers. Its rich and in-depth content provides a ready career tool for writers. Plus the creative tips from the tutor are incomparable and inaccessible from anywhere else.

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