MasterClass Marc Jacobs’s Fashion Design Lesson Online Review

MasterClass Marc Jacobs Fashion Design Lesson Review

MasterClass Marc Jacobs Fashion Design Lesson Review

A career in fashion design is full of excitement and unquenchable fun. It involves more than creating clothes and other associated accessories.

Fashion designers have tons of responsibilities. For example, they love studying and getting acquainted with fashion trends. Apart from that, they sketch designs while selecting colors, styles, and fabrics.

Often, designers also create different prototypes. They wouldn’t be able to do any of these without the necessary artistic touch. What’s more, their drawing skills have to be exceptionally good.

Detailed knowledge of fabrics, colors, and techniques is essential for a successful career as a fashion designer. It’s hard to put in excellent work in all this without the appropriate training.

Training and lessons by top professionals in their respective industries are worth whatever they cost. MasterClass has organized one such session for students interested in understanding the creative process behind some of the best minds in fashion design.

Marc Jacobs offers you a chance to familiarize yourself with his creativity. His hope is that you will feel compelled to embark on your own path. MasterClass provides teachers and students with the right platform for sharing experiences and knowledge.

MasterClass Marc Jacobs Instructor

The fashion industry is full of many legends. Legends pave the way by taking a path that nobody else seems capable of or willing to tread. Marc Jacobs is one of them. He has been there, done that, and came out with tons of awards to boot.

About MasterClass

MasterClass is proud to present different types of training that prepare you to excel in fashion design. An example of this is the class by Marc Jacobs.

Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs

He has won several awards, hence remains the best person to learn everything you wish to know about fashion design. Examples of these awards include the CFDA Lifetime Achievement Award.

Jacobs has won that award severally. Since 1991 to 2019, he has won the award twelve times. He has won the CFDA Womenswear Designer of the Year five times. Similarly, he is the four-time winner of CFDA’s Accessory Designer of the Year.

Apart from the awards, Marc Jacobs also runs several stores around the world. The stores are under his name. Again, that offers solid proof of his credentials.

Between 1997 and 2014, Jacobs also worked at Louis Vuitton as the brand’s creative director. Additionally, Time magazine listed him as one of the world’s most influential people in 2010.

Based on all these, you should once more feel inspired to sign up for the Marc Jacobs Fashion Design Lesson on MasterClass. For the umpteenth time, MasterClass proves that it only goes for the best in their fields. Therefore, you can and should expect nothing but the best from Jacobs.

MasterClass offers these classes online. Consequently, you can not only register but also follow the lessons from anywhere in the world at your convenience.

MasterClass Fashion Design Lesson Online with Marc Jacobs Review

What the Lesson Entails

Marc Jacobs, the iconic designer, delivers the wisdom gleaned from working in the fashion design industry for decades in 18 lessons.

It may not be possible to graduate from Jacobs’ class as a top and highly sought after fashion designer. However, you will leave with an immense understanding of the process that the legendary designer follows.

Furthermore, you would be able to appreciate his creativity and innovativeness. The lessons are available in videos. Subsequently, students can access classes on mobile phones, laptops, and desktops. Apple TV will also allow you to access the lessons you wish to go through.

MasterClass Marc Jacobs Class Sections

Because of this, you will have an easier time following up on the classes. More than that, you can follow the classes at your pace. Revisions are also much easier to stay on top of. Videos offer you a chance to go through some of the toughest topics you encountered multiple times.

It’s worth stating that you can only access these videos online right on the MasterClass platform. Based on that, you shouldn’t expect to find the content elsewhere. Nevertheless, a downloadable workbook that features assignments, lesson recaps, and supplemental materials is available.

MasterClass Marc Jacobs Workbook


The following are the topics Marc Jacobs covers in his Fashion Design Lesson on MasterClass:

  • Introduction into the inspirations behind his creativity and creations
  • Learning the basics of design
  • Keeping yourself open to inspiration from different quarters
  • Learning to sketch your ideas
  • How to approach the creative process
  • The importance of fabric and how to choose one
MasterClass Marc Jacobs Developing Designs 1
  • Tips for creating shapes and silhouettes
  • How to transition from sketching to pattern
  • Jacobs’ favorite techniques for constructing a garment
  • A case study of construction techniques
MasterClass Marc Jacobs Developing Designs 2
  • Jacobs’ philosophy on the attributes of a cohesive collection
  • Designing from ideas to the runway
  • How to create an exciting runway show
MasterClass Marc Jacobs Bringing Design to the World
  • Importance of collaboration in designing
  • How to design for a fashion brand
  • Tips for surviving the tumultuous nature of the fashion design industry
  • A study of Marc’s journey
  • Q&As and the need for pursuing your passion for fashion
MasterClass Marc Jacobs Working in the Fashion Industry


Marc Jacobs Fashion Design Lesson on MasterClass is a massive upgrade on numerous online courses. It’s the work of somebody who is willing to share his life and experiences, which include successes and failures, with his students.

However, it’s not just limited to the instructor’s experiences. It also delves into the current fashion trends. The class should leave you feeling inspired to create your own style and trend.

Marc seeks to challenge you with his stories. That explains why the class includes a narration of the journey he took from a student to a world-renowned fashion designer.

How do you create a collection for the runway? From where do you derive the idea for the collection? Marc Jacobs also takes you through this journey to empower you.


As with any MasterClass lesson, this class is also full of short videos. Students who need long classes may feel that the short lessons are not at par with their expectations. Furthermore, taking this class doesn’t eradicate the need for going through extensive training in college.


Is Marc Jacobs Fashion Design Lesson on MasterClass worth the hassle? Yes, it is! You will not regret sitting at the feet of such a legendary figure in the world of fashion design. Additionally, you have a chance to study it wherever you are free and at your convenience too.


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