MasterClass Kelly Wearstler’s Interior Design Lesson Online Review

MasterClass Kelly Wearstler Interior Design Lesson Review

MasterClass Kelly Wearstler Interior Design Lesson Review

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What is the feeling you get while relaxing in the lobby of a 5-star establishment? Does the color scheme make you feel serene? Does the welcoming desk look sophisticated? Interior design is what makes you feel serene and welcome in a sophisticated environment. Interior designers work with space to transform it such that it projects certain ‘feelings’ like calm, serene, quiet, excited, vibrant, and so on.

Do you often get into a room and think that you could tweak the way items are placed or color a certain wall differently? A course in interior design could hone your skills and give you the technical knowhow to practice your art at top establishments and homes. Many people mistake interior decorators and interior designers. While interior decorators work with color schemes, interior designers work with colors but also space and shapes in a room. An interior designer has a basic understanding of architecture.

Where can you study interior design? In the past, you had to attend a 2-3-year course to achieve a diploma, usually in a college offering design studies. But this may not be an option if your career and family schedules are not flexible enough. Learning online is a good alternative for learning interior design at your own pace. Online learning platforms like masterclass are your best bet for quality world-class instruction.

What exactly is Masterclass?

Where can you get the best people in the world offering lessons based on what works for them? Masterclass is one of the most recognizable brands in online teaching, and it has grown to offer over 80 courses in different subjects taught by the best in these subjects. You get Kelly Wearstler, who has been described as the Grande dame of West Coast interior design.

MasterClass Kelly Wearstler Instructor

Top names in other subjects include Annie Leibovitz (photography), James Patterson (writing), Armin Van Buuren (deejaying), Gordon Ramsey (cooking), and other top people.

Masterclass offers a wide range of subjects;

  • Design, Photography, & Fashion
  • Film & TV
  • Music & Entertainment
  • Culinary Arts
  • Writing
  • Business, Politics & Society
  • Sports & Games
  • Lifestyle
  • Science & Technology

Who is Kelly Wearstler?

Kelly Wearstler

Kelly Wearstler

Kelly Wearstler is one of the most celebrated interior designers on the US west coast. Her playful over the top designs have been featured in top establishments in Hollywood and the west coast. Her designs for the Viceroy chain of hotels were notable in the way they set a trend for the hotel industry. Her touch on interior design in the hospitality industry has been felt all over the world. She has designed homes for celebrities such as Gwen Stefani, Cameron Diaz, and Stacy Cinder and other A-listers on the west coast.

Kelly has been recognized for her influence in interior design with awards such as Top 20 Interior Designers by Wallpaper magazine, AD 100: Top 100 Architecture and Interior Designs by Architectural Digest, among other recognitions. Kelly has also authored several books in interior design among them Modern Glamour, Rhapsody, and Domicilum Decoratus. She has also established a premium homeware brand.

MasterClass Interior Design Lesson Online with Kelly Wearstler Review

What the MasterClass entails

Kelly Wearstler’s interior design course takes you demystifies interior design to teach you what works for practical interior design. You will learn how to make space seem larger, choose materials, textures, and colors to create custom environments. You will also learn how to collect and curate objects and of art and history to create style and tell stories.

This interior design course is in 17 video lessons that cover different topics in interior design including;

  • Working with Space
MasterClass Kelly Wearstler Working with Space
  • Materiality in Design
  • Living with Color
  • Experimenting with Color
  • Discovering Texture
  • Pattern: Movement and Scale
  • Enhancing Your Space with lighting
MasterClass Kelly Wearstler Elements of Interior Design
  • Balance and Comfort when furnishing
  • Creating Experience with Art and Objects
MasterClass Kelly Wearstler Interior Design as an Experience
  • Design Heroes
  • Life as an interior designer
  • Creative Journey
MasterClass Kelly Wearstler Life as an Interior Designer

What the MasterClass payment entails

Annual membership costs $180. This is an All-Access pass that allows you to access all lessons in this course. You also get access to other classes you would want to learn on Masterclass in other subjects. This is endless learning for the whole year. You get a 30 days moneyback guarantee, with a refund if you are not impressed with the classes.


  • You learn from the best in the industry. Kelly Wearstler is an award-winning interior designer, and learning from her is almost like learning basketball from Kobe Bryant; you are learning from the best. She teaches you what practically works as applied in her work in top establishments in Hollywood and America’s top establishments and homes
  • Lessons are accessible 24-hours from wherever you are in the world. you can access the lessons on any device that is connected to the internet including your laptop, tablet, smartphone, or Smart TV.
MasterClass Kelly Wearstler Class Sections
  • You get unlimited downloads for offline lessons. This is very convenient for revising where you need clarification. You also get downloads of lots of reference materials which will be handy in your career as an interior designer
MasterClass Kelly Wearstler Workbook


  • Kelly Wearstler offers her lessons in English. This makes it inaccessible to non-English speakers
  • There is no certification offered at the end of the course. While you may not need a certificate if you intend to run your own practice, you may need the certificate when looking for a job.


If you are looking for a quality course to establish the right foundation in interior design, this would be it. This is a relatively short course of about 4 hours that gives you almost all you would need in a career of interior design. It is hard getting what you will learn from this course for that amount of money.

Whether you are a fresh beginner or have been doing interior design for some time, this course is a great resource. You will get the right fundamentals as a beginner, and a useful reference as a working interior designer. With the advantages of taking the course at your pace and convenient, this is a bargain you cannot afford to pass.

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