MasterClass Judy Blume’s Writing Lesson Online Review

MasterClass Judy Blume's Writing Lesson Review

MasterClass Judy Blume's Writing Lesson Review

Writing is hard. Of that, there is no doubt. If that were not the case, everybody would be writing and churning out bestsellers all the time. The fact that it’s hard doesn’t mean that you should hesitate or fear to venture into this industry.

After all, writing is replete with many benefits. It helps you to stay focused until you bring the message you wish to convey across in an elegant manner. You cannot be a great writer if you never practice. In this regard, writing helps you to be self-disciplined.

The best writers are quite diligent too. You can never hope to be a serious writer if you are not ready to go all in. Courage is an essential ingredient in such a career also. That is because it brings out your vulnerabilities and insecurities to the fore.

The good news is you can learn writing. You can learn it from some of the best writers around. The leading writers show you how to write with humility. In this career, humility is not just a mere rule. The industry demands it of you, too.

The Judy Blume Writing Lesson on MasterClass is one of your best bets in this regard. The MasterClass has developed a reputation for delivering gold every time. In this instance, it has kept up to its reputation too.

Why the Judy Blume MasterClass

Are you wondering why the Judy Blume Writing Lesson on MasterClass is excellent? To appreciate this class, you would first need to understand who Judy Blume is. This American specializes in writing fiction for children and young adults, or YA.

Judy Blume

Judy Blume

She has several bestsellers to her name. You might have come across Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret that she wrote in 1970. Another well-known title is Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing (1972). Others are Deenie and Blubber that she wrote in 1973, and 1974.

MasterClass Judy Blume Instructor

Is the fact that she wrote all those books enough to make you sit through her MasterClass? It should be. Most female Americans struggled to transition to adolescence from childhood without her books.

Her books tackled many of the topics and issues that other writers couldn’t touch with a 10-foot pole. Some of these topics include racism, death, and menstruation. She also tackles masturbation, teen sex, and birth control. Throughout her career, she has always written for YAs and children.

Globally, she has sold more than 82 million of her books. Furthermore, her books are translated into 32 different languages. In the meantime, she has won several awards. These include the Margaret A. Edwards Award and Library of Congress Living Legend. She also won the National Book Foundation Award.

MasterClass Writing Lesson Online with Judy Blume Review

What the MasterClass entails

Judy Blume's Writing Lesson on MasterClass has 24 lessons, each lasting 12 minutes. They cover many subjects that she believes every writer needs to know. Blume is teaching an online class for the first time and this makes it all the more memorable.

MasterClass Judy Blume Class Sections

On top of the 24 video lessons, you also get a class workbook. You can download it to recap the lessons that you don’t want to forget. The class workbook is full of assignments. Tackle these assignments to test your understanding of the experiences that Blume taught.

MasterClass Judy Blume Workbook

As it is with MasterClass lessons, the workbook has many supplementary materials too. You can learn anywhere, anytime. While doing that, Blume will be taking you through some of the struggles she has faced.

You will also glimpse into her childhood to learn what propelled her into the world of writing. As that happens, you could notice a few similarities between her background and yours. The entire experience could convince you to pursue writing as a career, too.


Judy Blume has developed a curriculum for her MasterClass. It’s good to familiarize yourself with this curriculum to know what to expect once the class starts. She has arranged the curriculum as follows:

  • Learn how Blume identifies and develops solid ideas
  • Why you should allow ideas to percolate before writing them down
  • Blume's development of her most famous characters; that is, Blubber, Fudge, and Margaret
MasterClass Judy Blume How to Find Ideas
  • Tips for tapping into the child in you to write material that kids can relate to
  • How to write as a child and not an adult talking down to kids
  • How to approach censorship
MasterClass Judy Blume Writing for Younger Readers
  • Why writers must know their characters first to make them memorable
  • How point of view and the exploration of voice helps to create memorable characters
  • Tips for writing dialogue
  • What do characters reveal or not reveal through what they say or don’t say
  • How to find your starting point when creating a plot structure
  • Tips for giving your book a much-deserved ending
MasterClass Judy Blume Character Dialogue Plot
  • How Blume approaches her early drafts
  • Blume’s approach to later drafts
  • Blume’s real-life research for her sprawling work
  • Glimpse into Blume’s notebooks, which she refers to as her security blankets
MasterClass Judy Blume Writing Revising Publishing
  • How Blume submits her manuscripts
  • Tips for working with editors
  • How Blume uses rejection to propel her determination
  • How to use cover art to increase sales
MasterClass Judy Blume Writing Revising Publishing 1
  • Know Blume’s childhood and the motivation for her fertile imagination
  • Judy Blume’s career journey
  • Tips for fostering imagination as your most potent writing force
MasterClass Judy Blume Imagination Leads to Longevity


Judy Blume’s MasterClass contains several anecdotes from her writing career. She also fills it with practical examples from her own experiences. A downloadable workbook with lesson recaps, supplementary materials, and assignments is also available.

The class is available for a small fee of $90. You could always pay $180 to gain all access privileges too. The video lessons are available round the clock also. They offer you a glimpse into the secrets Judy Blume relies on to build a formidable career.


Judy Blume has delivered a masterpiece. Besides, the entire class revolves around her experiences. For this reason, it lacks some of the material that you would expect from a writing class at any college.


The MasterClass has few shortcomings if you can call them that. For the most part, it is full of beautiful wisdom that can propel your writing career to the next level. Judy Blume delivers content that shows you how to write for young adults and children. It’s worth the money!


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